BPNG and Oxfam drive financial literacy in Highlands

A memorandum of understanding  (MoU) was signed last Friday Nov 25, by the Assistant Governor of the Bank of PNG, Ellison Pidik and David Shields, the Livelihoods Manager from Oxfam to carry out the project.

Speaking at the occasion, Shields said the Financial Literacy trainings cover budgeting and saving for families’ lik-lik businesses, including gardening sales.

“With these skills, families will be able to plan better for their financial futures, and achieve their financial goals”.

EHP beekeepers to get international help to increase honey production

Partnering with the international development agency Oxfam in PNG and co-funded by New Guinea Fruit, Oxfam New Zealand and New Zealand Aid Program in a public- private project, the goal is to help beekeepers increase honey production and income for the producers.