Outstanding rentals

Public servants still locked out

Health Department workers were still locked outside their Waigani office this morning when this newsroom visited them.

Despite the dull day, Health Department staff still went to work but only to find out again that their offices were still locked.

They arrived at work at 8am and sat outside the entrance of the Department office, with hopes that a senior officer will inform them whether the office was going to be reopened or not.

Some had personal items still in the office and were concerned.

​ABG urged to pay outstanding rentals

From January right through to September, landlords say they have not received any payment.

Spokesperson for the group of landlords, Clement Omi, said a letter of demand has already been handed over to the relevant authorities.

“It is with great concern that we are now making the call on the ABG to pay up outstanding rentals that they owe us,” Omi said. 

“Failure to do so will force us to move tenants out of the premises, more particularly the departments that are renting from us.”