Association Opens Community Learning Centre

President for Nupmo Women Association, Noni Dukumun with development partners and over 1000 community members, development partners and provincial government representatives, were present to witness the occasion. 

The opening of the CLC signifies the completion of a key infrastructure project identified in the Nupmo Women & Children’s 5 Year Development Plan 2019-2023. 

Sapuka aid post completed

With funding from their Village Development Funds (VDF) managed by the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) Trust Administration, the project was completed at over K90, 000.

The aid post has a birthing room, medicine storage, consultation room and an indoor bathroom and flush toilet with water, gravity fed from a tank.

Water catchment project complete

The project was initiated and fully funded by the Trust Administration through the Kawok Village development funds.

This project initiative is beneficial to the people as it gives them clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing and being the first to drink, Former Ward 18 Councilor, Bondit Kembayong said that the water tasted clean and fresh.

Village Planning Committee Chairman (VPC) Simon Kobokut was congratulated for his leadership and persistence to see the project to its completion.

MOU Signed For Western Province Development

OTDF Chief Executive Officer Havini Vira said, “Save the Children PNG is a recognised NGO, one of the biggest here in PNG that do a lot of work in the development space. They will provide tremendous technical support to OTDF’s Community Development programs. Having well established networks with schools in Western is a bonus in this arrangement.”

Mr Vira said SCPNG have trained professionals who can provide OTDF the needed support to effectively deliver service in communities captured under the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA).

Women and Children Group donates School Bus

The St. Leo Matkomnai Primary School is located 50 kilometers away from Kiunga town.

The bus, worth K173, 256.00, will assist to transport students, some of whom walk about 10 kilometers every day to attend classes.

The Tutuwe Ara Women and Children Association is one of 8 Women and Children Associations in the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) region including the Ok Tedi Mine Village Women and Children’s Association in the Star Mountains.

OTDF launches five-year plan

This is in line with OTDF’s vision to empower the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) communities and associated entities in the Western Province to be self-sustaining beyond 2025.

Extensive study and planning over the last 12 months involving key stakeholders has provided OTDF with a better understanding of current development needs highlighting the importance of effective stakeholder collaboration; increasing importance of women and children and the rise in community law and order issues.