Oro Governor Garry Juffa

Oro MPs officially sworn in

They were sworn in by the Deputy Chief Magistrate, Dessie Magaru.

The leaders include Governor Garry Juffa, Ijivitari MP, Richard Masere and Sohe MP, Henry Amuli.

This swearing in ceremony is of significance as it the first in a while for all Oro members to show solidarity and come together to take an oath to serve the people.

For the past five years, the political leaders of the province have been divided due to their political differences.

Oro MP’s welcomed back home

The leaders were received at Girua airport by Sohe traditional dancers and led to the State House in Popondetta town.

Also present at the airport to welcome the leaders were members of the disciplinary forces, public servants and other distinguished guests.

It is also a significant occasion as it was the first official engagement that all three Oro MPs were seen together since their election wins.

Oro political slanging match continues

Ijivitari MP and PNC nominated contestant for the Oro Provincial Seat, David Arore said credit must be given to the current government for developments happening in the province.  

Arore said the Provincial Government and Open Members of Parliament did not provide any counterpart funding for some of the major impact projects, in the last five years.

He yesterday outlined that, the K160 million for new bridges replacing the 2007 Cyclone damaged bridges were funded by the Australian Aid Program.

Juffa to visit relatives of Oro victims

Juffa arrived in the province this morning with a huge crowd to welcome him.

Despite an important parliament session in progress, Juffa  decided to put his people first.

The nine Local Level Government leaders in the province have also gathered and will be accompanying the Governor to the place of mourning.

His visit is to show the people of Oro that their provincial government is intact and will be always there for them.

A total of 13 people died during the road accident  which happened two weeks ago.

Juffa describes 2017 Budget as ‘insult’ to people

Juffa queried the hike in income taxes and the reduction of funding for health and education which are the two vital services the ordinary Papua New Guineans deserved.

He said the Government was punishing legitimate tax payers and allowing tax evaders to get away scot free.

He further added that the promise for increase in funding to provinces is totally misleading as Provinces never got their functional grants on time and many public servants were paid but unable to deliver their services due to no funding.

K600 million for APEC unwise: Juffa

“Why is the National Government spending K600 million to host the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ summit when many government services are on life support?” Juffa asked.  

He said with the current economy condition and expected cuts to government expenditures in the 2017 National Budget, the money can be put to good use.

“K50 million allocated to this vital effort by churches came to a grinding halt in July and has already caused greater misery to those needing basic health care in remote areas that were often only serviced by church programs.

Juffa blames government for drop in education level

Juffa made the comments in regards to thousands of school children doing their examinations this week. 

“What opportunities are offered for the thousands of Grade 10s who are sitting for their lower secondary school certificate examination this week?” Juffa asked.

He told Loop PNG that the past and present governments have to be blamed for letting the education sector to deteriorate to a level where it now ranks among the lowest in the region.

Major flaws in project results in stop work in Oro

He told Loop PNG via email that he has demanded the Building Board to conduct a thorough inspection to the project and to ensure all requirements were complied with in the use of materials and scope.

"We are custodians of public funds. Ultimately the buck stops with me. In this instance I am not satisfied that the contractor has met our requirements.

“The work is of a substandard degree and the materials used are low quality and poor. The company was selected through the PSTB process and awarded the job but they appear to have ignored quality control.

Mothers are the backbone of society: Juffa

Juffa was recently a guest of honour at the Mothers Union 65th Anniversary in Northern Province.

Mothers’ representatives came from all over Oro attended the anniversary.

“Mothers are the backbone of this world.

“We are who we are because of mothers ... In Oro just as in many other provinces, the mothers lot is the most difficult and challenging.

“She not only tends to her family but often times is the cornerstone of her society. Working long unforgiving and thankless hours she is resilient and inspirational.”