Oro Governor

Juffa on MPs switch

He said all MPs crossing the bench, had done so because of funding constraints impeding service delivery in their districts.

In a phone interview with this newsroom today, Governor Juffa challenged the recently defected Opposition members of parliament, to ensure service delivery is priority for their people.

He claimed that the Government is using DSIP and PSIP funds to lure MPs to join them.

However, when welcoming the three MPs, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the MPs move to the Government was at their own accord and nothing to do with DSIP and PSIP funds.

Juffa raises concerns on illegal entry of foreigners

Governor Gary Juffa, said foreigners have been using PNG as their point of entry to other countries because our laws are not tough to disallow them entry into the country.

The vocal Governor said a particular foreigner by the name of Kevin Hekai continues to be involved in transnational crimes in the country.

Despite being deported in 2012, he was allowed back into the country in July 2017. 

“This particular guy is now in the country with a multiple business visa, operating his businesses illegally.

Juffa calls for proper procedure into logging activities

The argument stemmed from a question without notice raised by Ijivitari MP, Richard Masere, asking Tomuriesa to clarify the logging issue in the area.

When responding to questions from Richard Masere, Forestry Minister, Douglas Tomuriesa, said the project had been given the ‘green light’ with due diligent but was interrupted by the Provincial member, Gary Juffa.

“We have followed due diligence to award the logging permit and proper documents.”

Juffa raises concerns on transnational crimes

He said a small team of patriots in Customs, Police, Defense, NIO, Migration and also working in Government agencies recognized the danger and worked to strengthen their capacity to fight these criminals.

However, he said almost every entity created and positioned to fight transnational crimes have been dismantled.

Governor Juffa raised a supplementary question asking the Police Minister Jelta Wong to clarify if the police are doing anything to curb such illegal practices.

He said almost all the patriots are displaced or have been removed.

Juffa to challenge matter in court

The Governor says that his actions to halt further development to the project is reflective of this.

Moreover Juffa added that the parties that appeared in the joint Press Conference with Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa on Saturday March 24th in Port Moresby represent the views of a small fraction of landowners.

Governor Juffa in a phone interview rebutted statements made at the Saturday’s press conference.

A long time coming

Governor Juffa said the opening ceremony is long time coming.

While he remains an opposition strong man, he is adamant to work with the government to facilitate development in the province.

He appealed to the National Airport Corporation to align its support with the Oro Provincial Government.

This he says is to ensure further development such as Popondetta’s improvement will complement the modernized Girua Airport.

VIDEO: Governors comment on 100-day plan

In a media conference today with the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel, the Governors said the plan is achievable and can be implemented in a coercive manner. 


Freddy Mou with more 


VIDEO: Juffa on Borneo Pacific

Governor Juffa revealed to the media yesterday, documents of an inflated contract given to Borneo Pacific by the PNC led government.
The contract, he says did not meet the 2001 ISO quality assurance, endangering the lives of Papua New Guineans. 


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Calls to legislate chief’s council

 Juffa said the chief’s council will represent landowners and their people so that they become equal partners in the development of their land.

He made the call in Parliament this week following the delivery of a Ministerial Statement by Land Minister, Benny Allen on the status of the Special Agriculture Businesses Leases (SABL’s).

Juffa delivered a powerful and stern message in Parliament that although PNG land has been stolen right under our very noses, nothing has been done about it.

Juffa warns expatriates not to swear at locals

The Governor has warned that such people were not welcome in his province and he would see to it that such people were removed from his province.

He has also warned companies to screen their staff before employing them.

Juffa stated that several companies were developing the habit of employing neocolonial racists who behaved as if they were in apartheid South Africa.

He said the Oro Provincial Government was going to pass laws to fine companies whose expatriate staff behaved in a racist manner towards his people.