Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections

OC seeks clarification from Supreme Court

The OC wants to find out whether the proposed increase of nomination fees, from K1,000 to K10,000, and the security of costs of an election petition, from K5,000 to K20,000, are constitutional.

“The Commission, through the Supreme Court Reference, will ask the Court to consider the question of whether the proposed amendments to section 103 of the Constitution, and section 87 and section 209 of the Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections are constitutional,” the OC said in a statement.

Legislations to amend election laws to go before House

PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said these are, reduction of campaign period from the current eight weeks to four weeks, separation of national and LLG elections, increase in nomination fee from K1,000 to K10,000 for national elections and K200 to K1,000 for LLG elections, increase in election petition filing fee from K5,000 to K20,000, places for filing election petitions to be restricted to four with one per region; provincial governments to conduct LLG elections, and online registration (enrolment) of eligible voters.