Opposition urges Speaker to recall Parliament

In a press conference today Opposition leader Don Polye said under the Constitution, any decision to recalling of Parliament is a prerogative of the cabinet.

However, given the situation, Polye said the Speaker and Governor-General must discuss the option with the Prime Minister.

He said these are times the leaders need to think outside of the box in the best interest of the country.

Support local poultry – Basil

Basil said removing the uncooked poultry ban will lower the price of poultry products but this could affect local producers with many Papua New Guineans losing their job.

“The sad news is that local poultry producers like of Zenag Chicken, Niugini Tablebirds and other small producers will suffer from the sudden influx of cheaper imported products cutting back on sales output and profit margins which means job cuts and loss of income.

“Rogue Cop” behaviour riles Opposition

Leader Don Pomb Polye said: “Our women, girls, children and the disadvantaged should be treated with respect and dignity.”

Polye said ‘this rogue behaviour’ angered him, describing it as ‘inhuman and animalistic.’

Deputy parliamentary leader of Triumph Heritage Empowerment party and Lae MP Loujaya Kouza described the cop, who forced the woman into the act as ‘sadistic’.

“Sadistic is the word which best describes the ‘rogue cop’, who made my sister to chew condoms. There is no degradation as low as that going to break her spirit.

Don’t let materialism compromise values: Opposition

Mr Polye said in this way PNG would try to develop a better culture for prosperity.

He said PNG was on a wrong path where the values were marginalized.

Polye has urged the people to demand values from their leaders and not material things.

“We leaders should take the lead by way of nurturing and cultivating values of high morality for the betterment of the country.

Electoral staff urged to check candidates for 2017

Kikori MP Mark Maipakai made the call on learning that most MPs in the government had criminal records or were once convicted and or declared corrupt for bribery by the courts.

“It was shocking to know these kinds of leaders running the affairs of the country.

“With them once being convicted or had criminal records, we have found them using political power to remain in power,” Maipakai said.

He said he reserved the right to withhold the names of those he was referring to, adding “the writing is on the wall’’.

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Goilala MP views on Opposition


Though being in the Opposition is ‘most feared by many’ in PNG politics, it adds value to one’s leadership quality than just being a back-bencher in government, an MP says.


Basil sees 2016 as year to tackle Govt


Basil sees 2016 as year to tackle Govt

Mr Basil made the remark at the Opposition’s Christmas party in the Parliament’s State Function room in Port Moresby last Friday.

“We all will come back refreshed in the next year and I am looking forward to taking the fight much stronger this time against the current regime for a change in government,” he said.

He said the current Opposition Leader Don Polye, his predecessor Belden Namah, Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat among others were instrumental in putting in place the O’Neill-led government.

Goilala MP views on Opposition

Goilala MP William Samb said as a first timer in politics he doubted whether his move to the Opposition was the right move.

Mr Samb, however, said he was satisfied that he made the right choice when reminiscing the path that he undertook in the last four months.

“If I had joined the government, I would have only added the statistics of the government’s numerical strengths,” he said.

He made the comments at the Opposition’s Christmas party in the Parliament’s State Function room in Port Moresby last Friday.

Opposition taunt to Govt on no-confidence vote

And the Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has challenged Mr O’Neill to test his numerical strength again on the motion against him, saying the leader of government business and the PM must not adjourn the Parliament unnecessarily to avoid this motion being entertained.

The motion was moved by the Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil and seconded by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

Mr Polye said they were told that the motion was in order and met all the technical requirements.

No confidence motion to be filed next week

The Opposition’s legal advisers were consulted and they are getting the notice signed.

The notice as required by the standing orders of parliament is signed by at least 11 MPs.

The defective notice was signed by the 10 MPs in Opposition and five members of the National Alliance Party (NA)and two from the People’s National Congress (PNC).