Sir Nagora expresses sadness over Basil’s move

Basil along with other 11 MPs from the PANGU Pati moved to the Government side on Monday, Sept 11, 2017.

The prominent Morobean leader said: “It is indeed a disparaging verdict on the leadership style, demeanour and values of the honourable Member from Bulolo.

“I say this because PANGU has a rich history and record of leading Papua New Guinea out of colonialism to self-rule and many voters around the country were happy to see Sam Basil, who got re-elected in 2012 as an independent Member of Parliament, take the reins of the Party in 2016.

​Kua calls on MPs to join Opposition

“New members of parliament can be excused for not knowing the real picture before being elected recently into office but members that have reentered parliament are staying with the O’Neill regime for the wrong reasons,” says Kua.

“There is no money in the government coffers so it is based on a false premise that members of parliament attempt to justify their move to government.”

He added that the 100 day plan shows the lack of imagination of this government as they are 6 years on, responsible for where we are today socially, financially and economically.

VIDEO: Pruaitch on Pangu move

He said no lines have been drawn against politicians moving sides in the parliament;
However if and when this move is confirmed there is nothing the opposition can do and their decision will be taken with grace. 
He says the opposition will operate as the opposition if such a move occurs. 


Opposition appoints Baloiloi as COS

Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch, when commending Dr Baloiloi said his appointment was to ensure effective coordination and collaboration among the Opposition parties.

He said the Opposition parties have all embraced the appointment of Dr Baloiloi and are committed to work with him.

Meantime, Pruaitch said one of the priority undertakings the Opposition leaders will be taking is to address the ever-declining economic condition the country is facing.

Pruaitch made these remarks when announcing his shadow cabinet on Tuesday.

ABG needs opposition: Leader

Right now there is no opposition within the ABG to allow for healthy debate on issues affecting Bougainvilleans.

This was one of the concerns raised by Chairman of the Special Mining Lease Osikaiyang Landowners Inc, Philip Miriori, on the approval given to Bougainville Copper Limited to operate on Bougainville.

“We didn’t know BCL was secretly talking with the ABG. We were caught off guard when the President did a reshuffle and word got out that BCL would be making a re-entry.”

Opposition calls on Baki to resign

Opposition leader, Patrick Pruaitch expressed his outmost disgust in a media conference at the lack of immediate action by the Commissioner for Police in regards to the warrant of arrest issued for the Prime Minister.

“We have seen a deliberate delay tactic by the Commissioner for Police and clearly a conflict of interest demonstrated.”

Pruaitch said himself including the members of the opposition have demanded that the Police Commissioner either steps aside or delegate the role of inviting the Prime Minister to have a conversation regarding the matter at hand.

Opposition coalition sign accord

All 46 members of the opposition signed the accord as a sign of their solidarity and stand as an alliance.

The coalition partners include: National Alliance, Pangu Party, THE Party, Melanesian Liberal Party, PNG Party, Coalition Reform Party, People's Movement for Change Party and PNG National Party.

 The accord stands on dealing with the country's outstanding issues and work towards building a strong alternative government for PNG.

Loop PNG's 5@5

Gamato approved a dead man’s signature

The PNG Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, has accepted an Election Writ signed by a deceased returning officer.



Gamato comes clear on using deceased’s name

Supporters flock to witness Polye’s nominate

Despite a last-minute notice under a bad weather, supporters flocked in numbers to join him at Kandep Station to converge to the district office.

Polye was previously in Wabag for the nomination of  THE Party endorsed candidate for the Enga Regional Seat Sandy Talita.

In a low-key ceremony Polye nominated just before 4 pm in front of the Assistant Returning Officers, Joseph Yangau, and, George Marke, at the district office.

Two other intending candidates nominated yesterday, one of which includes a female nominee.

O’Neill challenges critics to prove criticisms

O’Neill said his government has delivered to the people compared to previous governments.

“We have not spent time talking or criticising others but have implemented our party policies which have benefited the people.”

He said so many criticisms have been raised to destabilise the Government but have been proven to be just mere criticisms from critics based on their self-interest.

O’Neill further added that since the formation of the government, they have been faithful to their commitments and implement them accordingly.