Opposition Leader and Kandep MP Don Polye

Opposition supports decision to suspend police recruitment

RPNGC is suspending all recruitments due to the increasing number of public complaints accusing the Constabulary of nepotism and bias.

Opposition Leader Don Polye said it is a powerful decision made by the police force to show that training of police personnel should be done with merit and with the highest quality standard.

Polye said police recruitment shouldn’t be about pushing in those that are not qualified or that don’t meet the criteria.

He said new recruits must be qualified and must be selected without influence placed on the police force.

Time for a female Governor-General!

Parliament will nominate a new Governor-General this month as Sir Michael Ogio’s term expires after six years.

Polye said gender equity is a major issue in PNG. This country needs a female Governor-General not just to balance gender but to give a fair voice for women in the country.

“It is proven that women perform very well when under pressure and when they come under compromise they continue to stand steadfast on their functions,” stated Polye.

Send these asylum seekers away: Polye

Opposition Leader Don Polye is calling on the National Government to send these asylum seekers to other countries.

Polye said this must be decided immediately by the Australia and Papua New Guinea governments.

“There are many reports coming out of this centre that continue to destroy PNG’s international reputation,” stated Polye.

“The centre is not properly facilitated and the exercise of processing the asylum seekers is getting too slow.

Opposition calls for a neutral Governor-General

This was the call by Opposition Leader Don Polye.

Parliament will nominate a new Governor-General this month as Sir Michael Ogio’s term expires after six years.

Polye said the country needs good leadership models for the people to follow and requires a mature, experienced person whose legitimacy and honest concern for the nation is known.

He said the office of the Governor-General should go to a mature person who has been a good role model in running the country, has experience in national leadership, trusted and respected by people.

Alternate Govt will abolish departments

Polye says the departments will be done away with because socio-economic development is the main focus of their policy.

He says the abolishment also aims to strengthen the proficiency of the public service.

“The Department of Personnel Management, I’ll abolish it (and) I’ll strengthen the Public Service Commission.

“The Department of National Planning I’ll abolish it and put it under the Department of Prime Minister.

“Social Development I’ll take it out and put it under the Department of Prime Minister because socio-economic development will be my focus.”

Ipatas warns against early campaigning

“I want to warn those who are desperate in carrying out early campaigns in the province that the people of Enga want delivery of service and projects more than sweet talks,” Sir Peter Ipatas said.

Enga is a progressive province that does not need any aliens to come ‘from nowhere’ and talk about reviving it, said the Governor.

He also took a swipe at the political rally organised by the Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party and its founder, Opposition Leader and Kandep Open MP, Don Polye. The gathering took place early this month.

Court to hear Polye’s applications tomorrow

Polye’s application seeks leave of the Supreme Court to hear a Slip Rule, for the full court to revisit its decision from Sept 6 on grounds it made an error.

For the Slip Rule application to be heard, leave has to be granted first by at least a member of the Supreme Court bench that issued the order before it can be heard.

He also seeks to stay the recount of Ballot boxes which was an order issued by the court on Sept 6 by Justices Allan David, Jacinta Murray and Frazer Pitpit.