Operation Open Heart (OOH)

Air Niugini continues support to OOH

Air Niugini’ s Acting CEO, Gary Seddon said the airline has been supportive of OOH since 1993, by airlifting lifesaving medical equipment to assist Papua New Guinean children in need of complex heart surgeries.

“Air Niugini is pleased to have the opportunity to participate in OOH that continues to save and improve the lives of hundreds of citizens with heart conditions. And we will continue to support this worthwhile program,” Seddon stated.

Air Niugini was also present for the fundraiser dinner on Saturday.

22 heart patients operated on

A total of 33 cases would have been operated on by today, 22 of which are open heart operations.

11 of those are closed heart operations performed by the local team.  The youngest being 8 months old and the oldest, 12.

Eight out of every 1000 children in third level countries are born with cardiac problems or congenital heart defects, a condition that requires surgery for most.

PNG has seen 1,084 children undergo Open heart Operations in the last 25 years, conducted by the Open Heart International team from Australia and Singapore.

4 successful open heart operations

The objective of the cardiac surgery program is to save hearts so that patients can confidently return to a peaceful, productive and pain and fear free lives.

The cardiac program started in 2015 and since then, has impacted the lives of over 30 Papua New Guineans suffering from heart defects.

On the occasion of its 3rd anniversary, patients shared their success stories and their experiences before and after the operations.

They said the alternative provided by PIH saved them and their families numerous costs and associated problems of going abroad.

PIH commence next phase of OOH

Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Vineet Shankla in a meet with the media at the 53rd Medical symposium said that in his last two years going back and forth from PNG, he has done close to 150 angiographies and 50 angioplasties.

The PIH medical team telecasted a live broadcast feed of a real time surgery taking place at the hospital on the symposium screen, witnessed by all the participants in the symposium.

OOH set to start today

This year, the program gets better with the support of organisations.

During the recent donation of K10,000 by Oil Search Limited towards the program, the director of Medical Services at the Port Moresby General Hospital said it was great to be part of a life changing process.

Dr David Mokela said it is their hope that more success stories come out from this year’s program, which begins this Saturday, August 5.

Best surgery equipment for OOH, thanks to donors: Dr Karu

OOH cardiothoracic and anaesthesiologist Dr Arvin Karu revealed that with the support from their sponsors and donors, they actually have some of the best equipment, unlike in the past.

These include medical monitoring equipment and heart-lung machine all bought from funds that have been contributed with the experience of surgical operating staff.

A heart-lung machine temporarily takes over the functions of the heart and lungs, especially during heart surgery.

Australian singer to help raise funds for Operation Open Heart

Braithwaite arrived in Port Moresby yesterday afternoon.

In a press conference today, deputy chair lady of the Port Moresby General Hospital Board, Cathy Johnson, says Braithwaite has kindly donated his time to fly into the country to preform to raise funds for Operation Open Heart.