Online shopping

SME Partners To Boost Online Shopping

CPL’s General Manager Finance, Nazar Shaffee, says the partnership will form PNG’s leading retailer’s service delivery options for its customers.

“Customers in Port Moresby and overseas can use their mobile phones to have their food, health and well-being products delivered to their homes and offices or to their friends’ and families’ during the festive season.

“We are happy to partner with an SME because we can say that we are helping small business, not only that but we also benefit in return and our customers have the convenience to shop online,” Mr Shaffee said.

Emstret Espace launches Shopsmart PNG

Minister for Information, Communication & Technology, Timothy Masiu commended the company for creating this innovative product, which he says is a catalyst for digital transformation.

He launched the online market platform, which is now live and ready for use by both vendors and customers

He said, “Between the government and the industry and the people, it is a catalyst to drive digital transformation in PNG. We are all stakeholders in the business of digital transformation.”

Google plans to track credit card spending

Google Attribution will allow advertisers to see whether online ad campaigns generate offline sales.

Announcing the service, Google said that it captures around 70% of credit and debit card transactions in the US.

Critics said it represented another blow to privacy.

Google announced the new product in a blogpost, saying: "For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and cross-channel - all in one place."