OK Tedi

Ok Tedi review closing

Agreements were reached in the areas of Special Support Grants, royalties and equity amongst others.

The initial led MoA document will go to relevant government agencies for vetting including the Treasury Department for equity matters and the State Solicitors Office for legal clearance before it goes to the National Executive Council for its final approval. 


Ok Tedi MoA under review

The Minister’s First Secretary Mr Uve Rova, when officially launching the meeting on Tuesday March 21, on behalf of the Minister, said the Minister was happy to endorse the MoA, provided that what is in the document had been agreed to by all parties, that the agreement is legally sound and that all parties are satisfied.

Ok Tedi operations resume safely

The suspension was necessary to minimise the spread of the virus and to conduct mass testing of the workforce in order to allow the negative cases to return to work and to manage the positive cases.

A total of 10,000 COVID-19 PCR swab samples were collected during the suspension period. This is in addition to more than 21,000 samples collected since the beginning of the year.

OTML provides regular updates of its testing results to the National Control Centre.


Ok Tedi Resumes Operations

OTML Acting Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kedi Ilimbit, says the start-up of operations will be gradual while ramp up to full production is expected to take up to two weeks.

Mr Ilimbit said the temporary suspension of operations allowed the Company to repatriate personnel who were not required onsite, restrict the movement of people and conduct a mass testing exercise. 

During the mass testing exercise 10,000 swab samples were collected from OTML’s workforce and town residents and sent to accredited laboratories in Australia and PNG for analysis.


New fish species recorded in Fly River

They are the Gymnothorax polyuranodo, commonly known as the freshwater moray eel and two rarely caught fish species; the Potamosilurus robertsi commonly known as Robert’s catfish and the Carcharhinus leucas, better known as the bull shark.

These discoveries were made in the last quarter of 2019 by the aquatic ecology team from the Environment Department of OTML whilst carrying out routine compliance monitoring work in the Upper and Middle Fly areas.  


OTML partners with government to register citizens for NID

OTML is partnering with the Office of PNG Civil & Identity Registry to register citizens from the mine areas, Tabubil Township, Fly River corridor and the surrounding communities.

In its efforts to support registrations, the company is also funding the establishment of a fixed PNG National Identification (NID) office in Ok Tedi with all office equipment, logistics and allowance payment of NID officers engaged in the registration. 


Ok Tedi gives K50 million to Earthquake Relief

Chairman Sir Moi Avei said “Given the magnitude of this disaster, and our responsibility not only to our shareholders but to the people of PNG, we are pleased to offer a helping hand at this time of great distress. We expect these monies will provide much needed assistance to impacted areas in Western Province, OTML’s home province and the devastated Highlands Region.”

Ok Tedi updates Strategic plan

Ok Tedi General Manager and CEO, Peter Graham said this when speaking during the PNG Mining and Petroleum conference after  giving an update of the mining company’s strategic update plan for next year, 2018.

Graham said considerable work was completed during the 2015 and 2016 planning cycles to revise and maximise business value and deepen its strategic capability.

“This has allowed us to make a first step to change, value and doubling the pace value of the business on a discounted cash flow basis.”


Ok Tedi’s steps into Transition: Graham

Graham said being a globally competitive metal producer, PNG can be proud of Ok Tedi who is taking the approach to achieving the next step in performance as it strives to become a high performance organization.

Ok Tedi, a proud Papua New Guinean company, is a mature, majority state-owned enterprise having commenced operations over 34 years ago.


Over 80pc mining activities cover PNG

This is expected to further enhance and strengthen Papua New Guinea’s position as one of the top twenty gold and copper producing countries in the world.

“The country is rich in minerals. It ranks in the top 20 world gold and copper producers and also produces silver, nickel and cobalt,” the report said.

“Mining in PNG dates back to 1888, with the modern mining industry developing in the mid-1960s.

“During the reporting period, eight mines were operating in Papua New Guinea, distributed over a number of provinces,”