Oil Search Foundation (OSF)

OSF executive appointed to Global Fund committee

Based on merit and experience, her selection provides an opportunity for Papua New Guinea to contribute to accelerating the end of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics in the world.

The Strategy Committee is one of three GF Board Committees. Its purpose is to provide oversight of GF strategic direction, and ensure optimal impact and performance of GF investments in health.

Ms Ingrid Glastonbury was pleased that the appointment positioned her to share PNG and WPR perspectives to address global health issues.

​Heart Dr positively impacts Hela children

Paediatric Cardiologist Dr Cornelia Kilalang accepted the invitation to review children with suspected heart problems and other sicknesses earlier this month. Her trip was made possible by the Oil Search Foundation (OSF), working closely with the Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA) and other partners.

Spreading the joy in children's ward

The library is equipped with over 250 books for children. The books are varied from board/picture books for 3- 6 year old children, to junior novels, general readers and reference and non-fiction books.

All of the books were donated by Oil Search employees during a 2016 book drive as well as from partner organisation, Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP).

Oil Search Foundation (OSF) executive director, Stephanie Copus-Campbell, saw the need for a library in the Children’s Ward to give young patients an opportunity to read and explore the fun of storytelling through books.

Helping improve PNG’s literacy rate

The company, through its Oil Search Foundation (OSF), will work with the BbP to deliver a second library in Hela Province, having assisted in the development of a first one, and a new library in Kikori, Gulf Province.

The initiative will see library books brought right down to the grassroots level to improve literacy rates.

New vision for Hela hospital staff

The Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA) has partnered with the Oil Search Foundation (OSF) and a specialist eye team from Pacific International Hospital (PIH), based in Port Moresby, to conduct vision and cataract screening for HPHA healthcare staff.