Office of Censorship

Sex toys confiscated after sting operation

The suspect (anonymous) was apprehended at the Vision City Mega Mall where the officers discovered two penis pumps in his possession.

With the assistance from the Drug & Vice Squad of the Royal PNG Constabulary and the PNG Customs Officers, the suspect led the officers to his place of residence where the remainder of the shipment was being kept, with a total of 21 x Penis enlargement pumps, 2 x Latex vagina and 10 x Latex penis rings which are worth more than K10, 000.00 on the street market.

Over 1,300 illicit materials burnt

The Office of Censorship, in partnership with the National Drug and Vice Squad and members of the Boroko Magisterial Services, also set fire to more than 9.5 kilograms of marijuana.

The illicit materials were confiscated by the Enforcement & Compliance Division of the Office of Censorship in their daily operations.

The marijuana destroyed was confiscated by the National Drug and Vice Squad and some were taken from the exhibits of the Boroko Magisterial Services.

Censorship office continues school awareness program

The campaign slogan is ‘Self Respect & Human Decency’.

Between 2014 and 2016, six schools within Port Moresby, Lae and Rabaul were part of this awareness program.

Similar programs were also carried out respectively to stakeholders and partners, mainly the Royal Constabulary of Papua New Guinea, including the Port Moresby General Hospital, who was also part of a preliminary research carried out by the research team from the Office. 

Censorship office to beef up manpower in 2017

This follows the approved revised restructure which Mala said will enable the Office to work more effectively and efficiently.

“As the Chief Censor of this growing organisation, I am adamant that the Office is capable of delivering respective outcomes despite setbacks such as funding, which all of us are currently experiencing.”

He said the three main objectives of the Office for 2016 are slowly but surely being carried out.

They are; 1) Decentralisation of Chief Censor’s powers 2) Concept Paper on Internet Filtering and 3) Development of Awareness Strategy.

More workshops to gauge views for Internet Filtering Policy

The first workshop took place in May this year.

The workshop gauged views from various stakeholders including government agencies and the private sector to come up with a better way to formulate the policy.

Chief censor Steven Mala said that the upcoming consultative workshops will gauge other views before they start drafting the policy.

He said they are yet to decide on the next meeting and a notice will be sent out when they’re ready.

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Police commend Unitech students and Lae residents

Police in Lae have praised the positive turnout of the public at the University of Technology students’ awareness campaign today at the Eriku Oval.

ICCC issues ban on non-English labelled products

Censorship workshop to target

Facilitated by the Office of Censorship, the workshop, according to the Director Strategic Policy and Co-ordination Ilikomau Ali will be broken into four sessions.

The two day workshop will cover topics such as the Current status of Modern Technology and communication in PNG, and the effects of using ICT tool, mobile phones, gadgets and social media.

Other areas to be covered will be the role of technology in developing and promoting films and publications as well as the positive and negative impacts of using social