NSL Board Chairman

NSL against super healthcare scheme

NSL Board Chairman, Anthony Smare, says members must decide if they want to sign up for such a scheme, but warned it will have a significant impact on their savings.

He made the suggestion following a recent statement by Public Services Minister, Elias Kapavore, who called for a look into the proposed scheme.

During the announcement of NSL’s 2018 financial performance, Smare said the suggestion made recently to make it mandatory for public servants super contributions to pay for this health insurance was concerning.

Options on unfunded super continue

NSL board chairman, Anthony Smare, said one of the long term options is securing assets in State Owned Enterprises.

Smare said their current immediate concern is securing the court ordered payment of K230 million for over 5,000 members who exited the public service since March 2016.

Smare and CEO Paul Sayer said one of the options to settle the unfunded K230 million is a Government bond.

Inter-generational scheme for your children

NSL Board Chairman, Anthony Smare, announced the potential service which they hope to roll out in the future.

Smare said this during the announcement of Paul Sayer as NSL Chief Executive Officer.

“Instead of you just contributing for yourself and taking your money and go, some of that money is actually giving your children a start and some of their money is given to your grandchildren.