NRL League Bilong Laif

Inmates participate in NRL clinic

NRL League Bilong Laif rugby league as a vehicle to drive important messages to schools and the surrounding communities.

It was important for them to also partner with Bihute CS in an effort to rehabilitate inmates so they are prepared for life after incarceration.

Inspector Petrus Ema, an administration officer at Bihute CS, said the NRL clinic is conducted mainly for low to medium risk prisoners. If a high risk prisoner is involved, security is increased.

Pumping life into league with clinic

League Bilong Laif (League for Life) is a sport-for-development program which  works with primary schools in the four regions of PNG using rugby league as a tool to support education outcomes.

It uses a range of rugby league-themed educational and reading materials that encourage healthy lifestyles and boost students’ physical, social, literacy and maths skills.

The two hour clinic kicks off at 10am and will involve activities targeting skill development, drills and games for the school children.