Northern Province

Juffa to launch local newspaper

Northern Observer, a community newspaper to inform and promote good governance in the province is an initiative of the Oro Provincial Government.

Juffa said the monthly publication is aimed at informing the people on what is happening within the province and around the country and allow locals to have their say and contribute towards the development of Oro.

The newspaper is a new concept and will mainly focus on positive and development issues affecting the province.

Stop TB – the fight continues

Ruth’s sickness was evident - her face looked tired and drained and her breathing was heavy. Ruth was just five years old. One of her suspected ailments was tuberculosis (TB).

Ruth was one of 4,414 patients seen by the YWAM Medical Ships team over 11 days of outreach in Northern Province, working collaboratively with local health workers. She was also one of 106 patients with suspected TB.

RAM supplies mosquito nets in Northern Province

RAM has sent a team to Northern Province early this month to distribute the nets.

According to the team leader on the ground, Naduka Yandua, the team has already started its distributions in various LLGs in the province.

Yandua says the distribution has been divided into four phases. So far they have completed first phase and they will be moving onto the second phase over the weekend.

He further stressed that the mosquito net distribution is usually done after five years but this has been reduced to three years.

Gore raises concern on church mismanagement

Minister for Youth, Religion and Community Development Delilah Gore has urged the people and church leaders of Higaturu LLG in Sohe district to be cautious.

She was speaking during the presentation of more than K200,000 in cheque to 10 churches over the weekend.

The cheque was part of her commitment, and also under the National Government’s Vision 2050 partnership program with churches in PNG, to help support the development of church standards in the country.

K30 million bridges in Oro are safe: Juffa

 Following reports of bridges along the Kokoda-Oro Bay highway being washed away by floods yesterday, the Oro Governor took a helicopter ride this morning to assess the situation on the ground.

Juffa told Loop PNG that: “the situation is not as bad as reported.

“Eroro, Kumusi and Girua bridges have not been washed away; it’s the temporary Bailey bridges that had their bases getting washed.”

The new bridges currently under construction are being built with funding from the Australian Government worth K30 million.

Wet weather forces Oro schools to close

Oro Governor Gary Juffa revealed to Loop PNG this afternoon following his assessment by air on the effect of flooding in the Kokoda-Oro Bay Highway areas.

The flooding has cut off  the transportation link between the main wharf, airport and Popondetta town.

 Juffa said: “Eroro, Kumusi and Girua bridges have not been washed away; it’s the temporary bailey bridges that had their bases getting washed.”

The new bridges costing K30 million funded by the Australia Government are works in progress.