Northern Divisional Commander Peter Guinness

Do not confiscate drivers’ licences: Guinness

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Peter Guinness said: "Drivers licences are the driver's reference and must not be withheld by police. They must return them when they complete checking during roadblocks or stop and search.”

Guinness said in many instances, police keep them and tell the drivers to collect them later. That is wrong!

Guinness made these comments during a day session in Lae on Friday with his senior management and line managers from his command (Northern).

Newly-renovated police station for Goroka

Goroka Police Station, one of the icons of Goroka town, was renovated with K1m from the Provincial Services Improvement Program (PSIP) fund.

"I am impressed with the great work being taken by the contractor to give a facelift to one of our landmark buildings of Goroka," the Governor said.

Divisional Commander Peter Guinness (Northern) commended Soso for the foresight in improving police infrastructure in her province.

Work will resume on incomplete police houses, assures Baki

Baki said last week in Lae that funds have been made available again for the completion of the houses.

"We have identified the funds and the contractors will start working on it again," he says.

Work started on the six duplexes (12 units) in 2013 through the modernisation program with a cost of K2.5 million, but weren't completed according to schedule (2014).

These houses were to ease the pressure of accommodation problems for police in Lae.