Over 190 Candidates In Morobe

This figure is a cumulative total from Thursday, May 19th to Tuesday, May 24th. Morobe Province had nine electorates until the recent split of Bulolo district, which will see candidates vying for the new Wau-Waria seat.

The Morobe seats in contention for the 2022 national general elections are: Morobe regional, Bulolo, Finschhafen, Huon Gulf, Kabwum, Lae, Markham, Menyamya, Nawaeb, Tewai-Siassi and Wau-Waria.

According to the Morobe Provincial Electoral Commission, Lae district nominations have been quiet and without much fanfare, compared to 2017.

ENB Nomination Update

Gazelle leads with 28 nominations, Kokopo 21, Regional 17, Rabaul 9 and Pomio 5. Opening this morning’s nomination is Ekonia Tokau for Rabaul Open and Samson Kaelam –Gazelle Open and at midday was Kokopo Open candidate, Melkie Anton.
The four female candidates have all nominated successfully. Lannet Aua, a retired teacher an independent candidate is vying for the Regional seat. Theonilla Watt, a retired health worker is running under Advance PNG Party vying for the Gazelle seat.

Madang Records 200 Nominations

Election manager Sponsa Navi has confirmed that 26 candidates have nominated so far to contest the provincial seat. There are two women in that group. 
Mr Navi added that in the Middle Ramu electorate, two of the 29 nominees so far are women. 
In Sumkar, only one woman has been nominated amongst 36 candidates, and in Usino Bundi, no woman has nominated so far of 23 nominees. 
Mr Navi said 28 candidates have nominated so far for the Madang Open seat, two of whom are women.

Nominations In POM Continue

Vincent Manukayasi, MNW Returning Officer says the number of nominations will likely change by close of nominations on Thursday May 26.

Bill George MNE Returning Officer said nominations continue without much inconvenience at the Unagi Oval.

On Friday May 20, nominee and Independent Candidate Nelson Harabe of Ward 9 failed to file his nomination as his nomination fee had not been paid prior. The candidate arrived at Unagi Oval to pay the nomination fee but was told that could not happen.

Hiri-Koiari Nominations

Candidates have been lining up to nominate at Mirigeda, in Hiri East.

Hiri/Koiari electorate covers Kinakon to 17mile in Koiari LLG; 1 Mile and Goldie Area in Vanapa/Brown LLG, and Rabuka to Senunu in Hiri LLG. Its people are proud as a result. They would soon have someone from their electorate represent them in parliament.

Since Nominations started on Thursday the 19th of May, 20 candidates nominated so far, since nominations began on May 19.

WNB nominations continue well

Chairman of the WNB Provincial Election Steering Committee Robert Dau said that people should be civilized now to understand the laws for election. Mr Dau appealed to supporters and candidates to refrain from causing any issues that might disrupt the nomination period.

Returning Officer Emily Kelton announced the following nominated candidates for West New Britain: Kandrian Gloucester 15, Nakanai 11, Talasea 22, and WNB Provincial with 10 candidates.

Female Vies For SHP Top Post

The Southern Highlands provincial electoral manager, Aluwin Jimmy opened the nominations for candidates on Thursday 19th May.

Undi a businesswoman, became the first woman candidate to nominate on Thursday at 10:37 am at the Mendi police station vying for the Governor’s seat.

“I, Aluwin Jimmy Provincial Returning Officer and Manager for Southern Highlands, officially, want to announce to you all that I officially opened these nominations today,” he said.

NIP Seat Yet To Register A Female Candidate

Provincial Election Manager, Benjamin Kliawi said seven candidates were nominated on Thursday, 19th May, while one candidate signed the nomination forms on Friday 20th.  

The New Ireland Provincial seat is yet to register a female candidate vying to take the Provincial top post.

Among the seven candidates nominated on Thursday, included New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan, the stronghold of the People’s Progress Party.

Other candidates include;

Bais Among Male Counterparts

In the Moresby North West electorate, Ipi Park at Hohola received a few interesting election nominees who for the first time, made public their intention to run for office. Among them is Singer Songwriter Anslom Nakikus.

Nominations for Moresby North West began on Thursday with a rowdy start, however, the second day of nominations were quite slow and quiet.

Returning Officer for North West, Vincent Manukayasi, stated that many candidates nominated yesterday because there was a confusion with the nomination dates. 

25 Nominated For Goilala Open

The first to nominate on Thursday, May 19 was Matilda Koma, so far the only female candidate from the Woitape LLG. She was the first on site and nominated at 3:52pm.

Returning Officer, Theodore Maia said supporters of candidates arrived in respectable numbers and caused no hindrance to operations.

Maia encourages that all involved in the hype of the election period, especially for the duration of nominations must be considerate.

“My message to them is to make sure that the election must be done in a proper way to allow for our candidates to come in,” he said.