Nomination day

Quiet Start For Madang Nominations

Among those who nominated yesterday was a female candidate, contesting for Rai Coast Open Seat, Kessy Sawang. She is contesting under the People`s First Party banner.

More candidates for Madang regional, Middle Ramu and Raicoast turned up at the Bates Oval today to sign their nomination forms provided by the electoral officers.

The other locations in the province set for nominations were, Bogia station for the Bogia Open candidates, Walium station for the Usino Bundi candidates and Sumgulbar LLG office for the Sumkar Open candidates.

Lay Down Arms During Election

He made this call after nominating to defend the Hela regional seat today. He nominated alongside Member for Tari-Pori and Prime Minister, James Marape.

Undialu urged the people to assist the Electoral Commission and the police to conduct a fair election. He said Hela would never be the same again, despite critics on social media depicting a bad image of Hela and its people.

Crowd Backs PM’s Nomination

Marape for the first time nominated as Prime Minister after becoming the CEO of the country in 2019. This is his fourth term to nominate after entering politics in 2007.
Speaking during his nomination, the Prime Minister urged the people to respect the electoral process and allow for a fair and transparent election.

Meantime, straight after nominating, Marape vowed in front of his people in Tari that he will resign if PANGU Pati will not form the next Government.

14 Nominate For Gazelle Open

Gazelle Returning officer, John Wartovo confirmed the nominations of the candidates stating that Wong was the first to nominate as nominations kicked off at 1pm. Wong is contesting under the United Resources Party Banner.

Tabar was the third person to nominate for the seat.

Wong was accompanied by former Gazelle MP, Chief Sinai Brown, Livuan Reimber LLG President and Gazelle DDA Board vice chairman, Sam Piniau and his electoral officers.

O'Neill nominates for Ialibu Pangia Open

O’Neill has waited since 12th May when the Writs were signed and was finally allowed to nominate today 19th May. He has encouraged all PNC candidates to nominate before 4 pm today.

Election Fever Begins

The Unagi Oval in Port Moresby was packed by 1pm, as people started pouring in from all corners, some on foot and many coming in bus loads accompanying their candidates. With some just mere observers, stepping in to feel the election hype.

Banners seem to cover the corners of the oval and candidate posters promoted everywhere, pinned on trees and pasted on vehicles.