no confidence motion

Debate underway on Solomons no-confidence motion

The motion was triggered by a series of defections from Mr Sogavare's coalition government late last month.

Beginning the debate, opposition MP Derek Sikua outlined to parliament his reasons for tabling the motion.

Dr Sikua said MPs had lost confidence in the prime minister because he wasn't listening to them any more.

He said Mr Sogavare has become suspicious of anyone who differs from his point of view.

Solomons government to face no-confidence motion

The vote was triggered after a series of defections from Mr Sogavare's coalition, which has been in power since 2014.

It is not clear what has caused the defections, but some government supporters suggest it's in response to a proposed anti-corruption bill.

The opposition leader, Derek Sikua, is expected to spell out his reasons for the motion in parliament today.

The government and opposition have spent the past week battling to consolidate their numbers ahead of today's vote.

Solomon PM to face no confidence vote Monday

The broadcaster SIBC reports the Speaker of Parliament Ajilon Jasper Nasiu has received the motion from the Leader of the Parliamentary Independent Group Dr Derek Sikua.

No explanation has been given for the motion of no confidence, but Dr Sikua is expected to state his reasons for not having confidence in the Prime Minister when he moves the motion.


Public gather in numbers to receive decision

Court room 1 was packed to capacity as the public quietly sat to hear the decision that was handed down after 10am.

Outside the courtroom, the public stood around the foyer, others waited outside the main car park for the outcome of the decision.

“Victory for Papua New Guinea! Victory for Papua New Guinea!” They shouted in excitement over the decision today.

Media personnel had to squeeze their way through the crowd of supporters to get an interview with Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil and lawyer representing the Opposition, Loani Henao.

Basil: Victory for democracy and constitution

Speaking to the media outside the Waigani Court house today, Basil said this win is about democracy and respect for the constitution.

Basil made the comments soon after the high court ruled in favour of the Opposition’s application and ordered the Speaker to recall Parliament within 5 days, from today, to debate the no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister.

“We are talking about respect for the office of the Prime Minister, not you, the person occupying the position,” he said.