Niue says its borders will stay shut to tourists

The Cook Islands has announced it will re-open its borders from the second week of January, but Niue Tourism Board chairperson Vanessa Marsh said they would not following suit.

She said Niue doesn't have a set date for re-opening its borders, but the country was looking toward late in the first half of 2022.

Marsh said Niue was taking a cautious approach.

Former Niue premier Sir Toke Talagi dies after lengthy illness

The four-term premier has been ailing for the past few years, to the point where much of his last year as premier was spent in New Zealand for medical treatment.

Sir Toke was flown to Auckland Hospital last week, but was returned by charter flight to Niue on Sunday - where he died two days later surrounded by family.

The government of Niue said it was Sir Toke's wish to return and spend his final days on his beloved island Niue.

Niue premier says leeches comment 'idiotic'

Heather du Plessis-Allan singled out Niue during her national radio show saying pension portability for Niueans amounted to "welfare sponging".

Her comments prompted angry reactions on social media but she defended them saying she was talking about Pacific island countries and their governments not their people.

Sir Toke has dismissed the comments.

"I have no idea what she's on about because she's never been up here. She has absolutely no idea what she's talking about. Do you want me to comment on some idiotic thing like that? The answer is no."

Niue men involved in shooting released on bail

The incident occurred in the village of Tuapa involving firearms. 

One of them has been released on bail after a court hearing yesterday, but has been charged with presenting a firearm. 

The other is still in custody and will appear in court today but will also be released on bail.

Police Commander Tony Edwards says they're still investigating.

"Those persons have very strict bail conditions and will be monitored by Police until the next court hearing," he says. 

PM's Pacific Island trip becomes a family reunion

The Prime Minister arrived in Niue as part of her week-long trip around the Pacific Islands and was greeted by her parents, sister and niece today.

Ms Ardern's father, Ross Ardern, is New Zealand's High Commissioner in the country and served as Police Commissioner since 2003.

During her traditional welcome, Ms Ardern was asked the purpose of her trip here.

"I replied - at least I believed I replied in Niuean - that I come in peace. If I could've added 'I also come in joy', I would've," she said.

Niue keen to host 2025 Pacific Mini Games

Niue, which has a population of 1700 plans have 8 sports at its games, should it be awarded the hosting rights.

American Samoa who hosted the 1997 Mini Games is the second country to put its hands up.

Pacific Games Council president Vidya Lakhan has advised both Niue and American Samoa that Executive Director Andrew Minogue will follow up in the New Year with the necessary documents.

Future Games hosts- Samoa (2019 Pacific Games), Northern Marianas (2021 Mini Games) and Solomons (2023 Pacific Games) reported to the PGC on the progress of their preparations.

Niue leader extends Auckland medical stay

Sir Toke Talagi has already been in Auckland for nearly two months.

He said he was getting better but was still in need of treatment.

Sir Toke had serious health issues last year, requiring him to be medivacced from the island to New Zealand on two occasions.

Niue passes a deficit budget

Meanwhile, the Niue parliament has passed the 2017 Budget, leaving the island with a deficit of about $US800,000 dollars.

Niue to host 9th Pacific Community Conference

On the agenda when the Pacific Community’s peak governing body convenes for its biennial meeting (4 to 5 November) will be endorsement of the international development organisation’s Strategic Plan for 2016–2020, a High-level Dialogue on Youth and the anticipated admission of a new member.

The Conference will be preceded by the 45th annual meeting of the Committee of Representatives of Governments and Administrations (CRGA) from 30 October to 2 November, also to be hosted in Niue.

Niue provides foreign aid to Tuvalu

The Premier Toke Talagi handed over a cheque for US$6,300 to his Tuvalu counterpart, Enele Sopoaga, during the recent Pacific Forum summit.

Niue has very close links with Tuvalu, with a number of Tuvalu nationals living on the island.

Record whale season continues in Niue

Whale watching operator Magical Niue Sea Adventures has been working with local and international researchers to try and understand where the whales came from and where they are going.

This is done by photo identification and DNA analysis which is compared with other countries the whales visit in the region throughout the season.

The owner of Magical Sea Adventures, Rami Oved says research aside this year has been really good for business.