Nipa Kutubu

Nipa District Hospital gets doctor

Welcoming Dr Panta was Member for Nipa Kutubu, Dr Billy Joseph, District Planner and community leader Robin Tuna on behalf of the Nipa District Development Authority and Southern Highlands Provincial Government.

Tuna said Nipa Hospital has been operating without a doctor for the past nine years and Dr Panta’s decision to serve in Nipa is a piece of welcoming news.

Dr Billy was also grateful for Dr Panta’s decision.

Nipa Kutubu embarks on coffee

Coffee is one of the cash crops selected and to signify this, a first in the world Coffee Ministry was created.

The Southern Highlands Provincial Government has allocated K20m to build a coffee factory in Mendi.

Governor William Powi announced this during the Provincial Assembly meeting last Thursday.

In support of the initiative, the Nipa Kutubu District under the leadership of Dr Billy Joseph has embarked on growing coffee in the district.

Dr Billy urged all the people in the district to start growing coffee and earn a living.

Proposed Electorate Name Opposed

He made this call after writing to the Electoral Boundaries Commission objecting the proposed name, Kutubu Bosavi electorate.

“I will support the proposed electorate given the big population that should qualify for an electorate of its own. My objection on behalf of Poroma people is the name change.

“I am rejecting the current Electoral Boundaries (Kutubu-Bosave electorate) and proposes Poroma-Kutubu Electorate.