No further extension to SIM registration: NICTA

He said this at Yangoru Secondary School in East Sepik Province.

Punaha, who was travelling as part of the Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru’s delegation, urged locals to immediately register their SIMs.

“If you do not register your SIM cards by the end of this month, I feel sorry for you, but your service will be disconnected.

“Do not blame me or the service provider. It will be your own fault,” said Punaha.

Digicel to roll out sim registration this month

Digicel chief executive officer Brett Goschen said the new system that will be used will be user friendly.

“Yes, we are currently undertaking User Acceptance Tests (UAT) for a new system that will automate a number of the processes around SIM registration ensuring a secure, simpler and more pleasant experience for our subscribers.

“We will commence the phased rollout of subscriber registration points, country wide, commencing in the second week of January,” Goschen said.

Mobile users have 12 months to register

National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA) CEO, Charles Punaha, said the compulsory registration will end at the end of this year.   

“The countdown is running, we have 12 months left, (and) we are in constant dialogue with service providers to update us on the number of people that they have registered,” he said.

“We remind subscribers that the number of days has been reduced, and we have 12 months left and they must register now.

“We are happy with the process and will complete it in the remaining 12 months.”