Nicolas Maduro

US imposes sanctions on Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro

Under the sanctions, US firms and individuals are banned from doing business with Mr Maduro.

The election on Sunday was marred by violence, with widespread protests and at least 10 people killed.

President Maduro hailed the poll as a "vote for the revolution".

The opposition coalition, which boycotted the election, said 88% of voters had abstained. It has refused to recognise the election, and called for more protests later on Monday.

Venezuela crisis: 2 shot dead at anti-government protests

A teenager died in the capital Caracas and a woman was killed in San Cristobal, near the Colombian border.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand new presidential elections and the release of jailed opposition politicians.

President Maduro has accused the opposition of attacking the police and looting shops.

He said more than 30 arrests had been made. Supporters of the government are holding a rival rally in Caracas.

Venezuela's Maduro sits down with opposition for first time in two years

The Venezuelan government and the Democratic Unity Board, the political coalition that includes several opposition parties, sat down Sunday in a long-overdue attempt to find areas of compromise for the beleaguered Latin American country.

The president, who has overseen one of the worst recessions in living memory, engaged in talks with his political opponents for the first time in over two years. During that time, several bipartisan subcommittees were created.

Venezuelan leader says Colombia plotting his assassination

Maduro said during a visit to Vietnam that the conspiracy has the consent of Colombia's government. He didn't present any evidence to back the claim but said he would soon.

Maduro and his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos have been trading barbs ever since last week's expulsion of more than 1,000 Colombians living illegally in Venezuela. Maduro accuses the migrants of being behind a wave of crime and smuggling along the border.