Ngaiire looks at more music in Tokpisin

She will also be performing alongside PNG artist Danielle at the Lamana Gold Club tonight. She has an aim to come back to Papua New Guinea, see family and incorporate that experience into her music.

Ngaiire will be on the judging panel on the Pacific Break competition, joining DJ Hau Latukefu, Sose Fuamoli, and Rick Howe.

Everyday People: Ngaire "Ngaiire" Joseph

Ngaire started her musical career in 2003 enrolling in a bachelor of Jazz studies at the Central Queensland University and her musical journey started then on.

In 2004, Ngaiire (pronounced ny-ree) her stage name, competed in the second season of the Australian Idol as a semi-finalist but was unable to make it through to the final 12.

Before pursuing her solo career in 2008, Ngaiire worked as a session vocalist for the Blue King Brown and Paul Mac.

Ngaiire will draw her third album from PNG

She is currently in the country for one of such trips.

She says her aim is to base her third album on her place of origin.

“A lot of people following my journey over the last couple of years have been waiting for me to return home and create something that draws from my background.

“So I want this to be the album that draws from the PNG ecstatics and promoting more of the things that make PNG beautiful and the positive things about it,” she said.

She will be returning to Australia after a two week tour of the country.

Ngaiire’s home-coming performance tonight

Yes, she was in born in Papua New Guinea. But Ngaiire has spent most of her years abroad, where she built her music career.

And after more than a decade since her last performance, the New Ireland singer will once again take local stage.

Ngaiire makes an appearance tonight at the Cosmopolitan, performing songs from her second album Blastoma.

“A lot of them may be new to the people in PNG. I know there are some hardcore fans here who’ve been following but for the others, this will be more like an introduction for me to the PNG audience,” she said.