Bay Informal Mamas business booted

Forty women in Small to Medium Enterprises were selected from 120 applicants who underwent training as part of the United Nations Market Training program.

The program was funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agreement (JICA), co-funded by the National Fisheries Authority (NFA), AusAID, and UN Women in collaboration with the provincial and district administration.

After the training, the women were empowered with the skills to earn an income, but they lacked the necessary equipment to continue cooking, baking, or sewing.

NFA Contributes To Blue Charter

The National Fisheries College Acting Principal, Dr. Jeff Kinch and Jerome Tioti represented NFA at the CHOGM.

At the 2018 CHOGM in London, the Commonwealth Heads of Government endorsed the Commonwealth Blue Charter, an agreement by all 54 Commonwealth countries to actively cooperate in solving ocean-related problems and coordinate sustainable ocean development.


NFA connects with fisheries cooperatives

NFA Deputy Managing Director Pakop Nowan led his team as well as officials from Commerce and Industry to meet with fisheries cooperatives Ndilou Pakreng and Hawaii group of Manus Province.

The brief visit was to present certificates to the fisheries cooperatives. The first lot of certificates were presented to seven fisheries cooperatives in a friendship dinner yesterday evening.

NFA Joins PNG Expo Team

NFA will inform world stockholders on PNG’S efforts to commercialize its tuna resources in a more sustainable way, also having the most recent surveillance technology ensure compliance.

NFA will also package and promote several projects as well as market the Madang Marine Park and Economic Trade Zone.

Companies and SMEs have indicated their participation in the Dubai Expo, either through product display or physical and/or virtual presentation at the pavilion and Expo led thematic events.

Gulf Signs Up For Fisheries Development

Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Dr. Lino Tom, said that it is important for Gulf to develop its fisheries sector and support the local fishermen to benefit from the industry and work on expanding its fisheries infrastructures to encourage growth.

Government has focused on prioritizing provinces and have given direction that the said province be empowered with the necessary informational tools to generate their own internal revenue.

New Dialysis Machine for Buka

This was announced by the Managing director of the National Fisheries Authority, John Kasu during a recent trip to the referral hospital.

He said NFA will facilitate for the equipment to be brought to the hospital during the course of the year.

A Dialysis machine is a machine used to filter a patient's blood to remove excess water and waste products when the kidneys are damaged, dysfunctional, or missing. The dialysis machine itself can be thought of as an artificial kidney.

ABG and NFA signs MoU

This is part of the drawing down of powers and functions by the National Government to the ABG in preparation for referendum 2019.

A Memorandum of Understanding to effect the drawing down of powers was also signed. The event took place at the Bel Isi Park, Buka in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Fisheries Minister, Patrick Basa, was on hand to officially hand over the amount.

Zeming urges coastal community to guard against illegal fishing

“The new management plan has a hierarchal structure that entails authorities at communities, local level government, and provincial level working together to protect this fishery and its ecosystem and ensure its long term survival.

“I call on Ben Micah and Gordon Wesley, my colleagues who have been outspoken on this fishery lately, to help implement this new management plan in their provinces so their people truly get the benefit they deserve.”

Zeming clarifies ban on beche-de-mer

Zeming said he was satisfied the six year moratorium on the harvest of bech-de-mer has produced the result the Government and National Fisheries Authority wanted.

“There has been some suggestions from sections of our community that the ban has forced coastal villagers to illegally fish for sea cucumber just to survive.

“Certain individuals have even gone to the media to justify, to defend illegal fishing in their waters, as if the moratorium was intended to put them out of business, or make people suffer.

NFA to conduct awareness on beche-de-mer fishery

Minister for Fisheries Mao Zeming said trials would be conducted in Milne Bay province next month (December).

“The NFA will try out the opening of the fishery under the new management plan utilizing Milne Bay province as a test case. This is basically to try out processes and systems under the new plan. We want to ensure strict monitoring and effective data systems are implemented well,” he said.