Newcrest Mining Limited

Newcrest joins ICMM

Newcrest Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Sandeep Biswas said: “We are proud to become the 25th member company of ICMM.”

He said Newcrest is committed to ICMM principles on sustainable development and is working across our operations to embed them.

“Sustainable mining delivers safe and profitable operations. It means that local communities are engaged and respected, that environmental impacts are assessed and managed, and that business decisions are made ethically and transparently.”

Proposed amendments must not affect revenue: Chamber

PNG country manager for Newcrest Mining Limited and vice-president of the PNG Chamber of Mining and Petroleum, Peter Aitsi, recently told new MPs that regulatory frameworks that are detrimental to investment will have a direct impact on revenue streams for the country.

The comments were made during the National Parliament Induction Programme.

Speaking to recently elected MPs, Aitsi said they needed to be aware of the delicate correlation between PNG remaining an investment destination as well as regulations introduced for the country.

New technology to improve gold production

The company announced this following the successful installation of its float tails leach phase 2 project cyclone tower and associated pipework.

The technology will enable the company to recover cyanide soluble gold from the flotation grade gold (FGO) and high grade gold (HGO 1&2) flotation tails.

Superintendent-major projects, Greg Bridge, said: “Previously, gold was lost through the flotation circuit. With the addition of the two cyclone clusters, we reduce our losses and increase our recovery rate, subsequently increasing our gold production.”

​PNG engineer proud of Lihir mine work

Richard Kuaru, the Structural Mechanical and Piping Supervisor for Downer Construction and his team worked on the building of two new cyclone clusters. And he said their involvement was a positive one.

“As Papua New Guineans working on the project, the experience has given us great job satisfaction.

“We are also gaining more experience in building it from the ground up, right to its completion stage, and we are proud of our work in helping Newcrest in its business improvement projects.”

Making good use of waste concrete

Placement Solbow Joint Venture (PSJV) is managing concrete waste at the Lihir operations and in doing so, saving costs.

PSJV use concrete bar chairs during construction work, especially to hold the reinforcing steel bar (called rebar) above the ground so it ends up in the middle of the concrete foundation when the concrete is poured.

Without the chairs, the rebar would sit on the ground and would be exposed to water and rust. Additionally, it will not hold the concrete together.

Women playing major role in emergency response


In a media statement, the company says the timely and effective performance and contribution of local women towards responding to equipment emergencies and unplanned work in the Lihir operation is vital in keeping production going.

This is viewed as a result of the Fixed Plant Maintenance (FPM) department embracing gender equality and empowerment, by ensuring local tradeswomen are participating well and performing to their best in the male dominated field.

Mine Company urges safe and healthy lifestyle

Acting General Manager, Stephen Perkins, when opening the Mine Safety Week in Lihir on Monday, March 27, said  this was vital for the mines operations.

Perkins said a healthy lifestyle must begin with choices.

“PNG has a population of more than seven million people. The life expectancy here is 61-65 years. Good news is we can improve on that by making positive choices. The Mine Safety Week here in Lihir is about creating more awareness on what these choices are. We must be willing to make positive choices that will result in positive changes,” he said.

Lihir locals urged to start spin-off businesses

Ward Three Member of the Nimamar Local Level Government, Clement Zanayes, said this following road construction works carried out in their local constituency.

His comments follow negotiations with Lihir Mine operators, Newcrest Mining Limited, on the construction of a road running through Lipuko and Matakues villages, which fall under Nimamar LLG.

Zanayas led negotiations for road works to be diverted and avoid destroying an existing burial site at Matakues, and have it released to the community as the existing road was built over some graveyards.

Newcrest promotes Fit-For-Purpose workforce


The program has generated great interest from staff with more than 2,000 employees registering for the program which was introduced last October.

Executive General Manager for Newcrest Cadia and Lihir Mines, Craig Jetson, introduced the program and is pleased with what has been achieved in maintaining a fit-for-purpose workforce.

“Without a healthy, happy and committed workforce running our operations, Lihir cannot deliver safe and socially-responsible benefits for all our stakeholders,” he said.

New Ireland receive K69.8 million in royalties

Following the release of its fourth quarter report for the year, Newcrest Mining Limited has paid in total K69, 877, 823 million.

The royalty has been divided according to the 1996 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the National Government, to the New Ireland Provincial Government (NIPG), the Nimamar local level government (NLLG) and the Special Mining Lease (SML) landowners who are represented through the Lihir Mining Area Landowner Association (LMALA).