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New Zealand Government slammed after new COVID-19 cases revealed

"We are reviewing exactly what has happened in these circumstances because they cannot be repeated," Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

Yesterday compassionate leave for those in quarantine had been suspended.

In a Facebook message last night, Ardern said that would not change unless testing was "rigorous".

There was an expectation that anyone who came into from overseas was in quarantine for two weeks and would not leave without being tested, she said. "That was where there was a failure in this case."

NZ refits St John Ambulance operation centre

The centre is a first-of-its-kind and operates the computer aid system that tracks ambulances and can give an indication of response time – a feature the old centre did not have.

St John’s Ambulance in a statement said the centre will have legacy-value post APEC, providing an essential service to the people of PNG.

The new St John Command and Ambulance Operation Centre will be officially opened today by New Zealand Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy PM, Winston Peters, Secretary for Health Pascoe Kase and St John Commissioner Matthew Cannon.

NZ Govt's secret plan to set up Pacific Islands Super Rugby team

The team would be made up of players from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, and would play in the Super Rugby competition.

Newshub has learned both New Zealand Rugby (NZR) and the Government have worked on the proposal, meaning a united 'Pacific Force' is now close to reality.

The feasibility study was carried out by Jeremy Curragh, a respected rugby commercial operative, and cost the taxpayer $80,000.

Under the plan, the team would be based in Suva, as Fiji is the biggest country. It would also play some 'home' games in Samoa, Tonga, Auckland and Sydney.

VIDEO: NZ Protocol Training

To help ensure this, the New Zealand government is supporting Protocol training for staff of the PNG Foreign affairs department.


Meredith Kuusa with more


'Poo protest' against New Zealand government

Protesters from the Action Station group launched 50 inflatable poo emojis onto Lake Ohakuri on the Waikato River near to where the ruling National Party was holding a conference, to highlight new standards which it says would mean more contaminants in freshwater, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Lera calls for New Zealand Government support

Minister Lera made this known to New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully at the Kuri Village Resort on Tuesday during his two days official visit in Bougainville.

Lera thanked the New Zealand Government for their continuous Aid funding under the Governance and Implementation Facility program.

“In my view any form of Aid funding on Bougainville should really target those programs that will have a real impact on Bougainville and its people,” Minister Lera said.

Koki Market joins UN Women’s Safe City program

The program, is a joint initiative with the Australian Government and the New Zealand government to make the market environment a safer place for both women and girls.

Acknowledging markets as a critical place in the community, Susan Ferguson - councilor gender and sports from the Australian High Commission said making it a safer place for women and girls directly impacted the economy of a community positively.

This initiative was first rolled out at the Gerehu market and according to Dr Jeffrey Buchanan-UN women representative, has since boasted a good outcome.