New Year 2017

Quiet New Year in Hela

Provincial Police Commander, Superintendent Michael Welly, said: “Hela had a peaceful new year celebration, apart from a few drunkards seen on the road.”

The province is also waiting for the arrival of the deployed troops, as was announced by the government recently.

Welly understands that funds may have caused the delay, but he believes that they will come to his aid.

"We have already a mobile unit (MS 11) that was deployed and (is) assisting us doing normal policing,” Welly stated.

“They have so far helped us with some arrests.”

PNGeans hope for a fresh start in 2017

Loop PNG took to social media and asked what resolutions people would be making for the New Year and this is what some had to say:

Samantha Kome in Port Moresby said that her New Year’s resolution is to be fit and healthy while Rachael Tarsan said she wants to just live life a little more on the edge.

Also in Moresby, Jeoffrey Kotokoto said he will minimise the use of social media and spend time on educational materials in the New Year.

Constance Kanau in New Ireland said she aims to save more by spending less, which is what most people hope to do in 2017.

Upper Bundi to welcome New Year with bonfire and fireworks

Community impact projects director and owner of the Snow Pass Eco-Lodge, Vincent Kumura said they plan to host a New Year’s Eve BBQ for people in the area.

They’re planning a huge bonfire at 2,300m above sea level overlooking the majestic Ramu Valley.

The bonfire will be lit 10 minutes before midnight for New Year resolutions followed by a dedication prayer for the people.

Kumura explained that at midnight they will sound the alarm from two loud hailers followed by a wonderful display of fireworks.

City residents to welcome New Year with fireworks

The fireworks display is done annually at the Lamana Gold Club.

It is a popular site for many residents who come out of their homes before the clock strikes 12 every New Year’s Eve to get a better view of the colorful and spectacular highlight in the night sky.

Lamana Hotel assistant manager Jacquie Simons said they started preparations on Thursday for the fireworks which is expected to be a spectacular display.

O’Neill: We have much to be proud of

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said this in his New Years message to the nation.

“As a nation we have so much to be proud of as we enter into 2017.

“Our country has just been through one of the most difficult years in our recent history.”

“Global challenges have placed pressure on our economy.”

“Papua New Guinea, has survived the downturn in global commodity prices, which was made much worse by drought.”

“We have also seen domestic challenges.”

“But we overcame each and every challenge and we are a stronger country because of this.”

Papua New Guineans give their New Year’s resolutions

The New Year is a time to kick old habits out and a time for change.

Loop PNG got views from the public on what your New Year resolution is and many men in Papua New Guinea aim to quit drinking alcohol in 2017.

Edward Logo in East New Britain says he aims to cut down on the amount of alcohol he consumes and drink only on very special occasions.

“The reason being that alcohol has done more destruction on relationships, finance, profession and health”.