New Ireland Provincial Day 2018

Rare ‘Rukruk’ dance performed

The dance is only performed for chiefs during very rare, special occasions.

The dancers were in an enclosed makeshift shelter.

After pulling down the walls of the coconut fronds-shelter, women in their traditional attire, wearing masks and depicting a bird unique to the province, were seen standing on a platform.

The women performed the sacred dance to the awestruck spectators.

The dance was performed to re-emphasize the province’s richness in culture and tradition and importantly, to signify how important the occasion meant to them.

Second day of celebrations underway

The participants, mostly teenagers and youths, started the course from Nusa and swam all the way to the town market.

On shore, the swimmers got into their running gear and gunned off for the 3.5 kilometer run, where they were cheered on as they passed each station.

The contestants finished at the main festival oval at the court house field and they will be awarded medals later this afternoon.

New Ireland activities in full swing

The race course, although short, was a real entertainer.

The racers gunned off in their traditional dugout canoes from the Malagan Beach Resort to the Kavieng Market wharf.

Japeth Demas and Duks Eremas sailed past the finish line to be crowned winners for the male and female categories respectively.

This is just the start to the 2018 New Ireland Day in Kavieng, where a full day of activities is planned.