New Guinea Islands Region

Dion files petition against Konga

Among them was the petition filed against East New Britain Governor, Nakikus Konga, by former governor, Sir Leo Dion.

Returning Officer Joap Voivoi was summoned on the request of Dion’s lawyer to appear in court for the trial. Other electoral officers will also be summoned soon.

Dion is alleging grounds of errors and omission during counting against the Electoral Commission.

He alleges that electoral officials who conducted counting were not appointed or gazetted as returning officers and assistant returning officers.

ENB sees rise in passenger robberies

Police commander for the New Guinea Islands Region, Anton Billie, says PMVs are not stopping at designated bus stops and this has raised concerns on the security of the passengers when getting off the buses.

Drivers are not supposed to stop anywhere they please because they have to be careful of the risky locations where robberies can take place anytime, stated Billie.

There are some criminals who pose as passengers in the bus and will try stopping the bus at a risky place where they can easily attack and rob other passengers then run off into the bushes.