Men's sexist attitudes 'shaped by first exposure to pornography'

Their survey revealed the younger the first viewing occurred, the more likely a male was to want power over women.

While if they were older, they were more likely to be sexually promiscuous.

Of the 330 undergraduates surveyed, with a median age of 20, the average age they first saw pornography was 13.

The youngest was only five, while the oldest was 26.

The unpublished findings were presented at a convention in Washington.

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Boy, 12, charged with 1st-degree murder in Omaha shooting

The boy is one of three suspects charged in the June 29 shooting near Miller Park that killed 31-year-old Jamymell Ray. Two other suspects, aged 15 and 17, were arrested last week.

All three have been charged with first-degree murder and various weapons counts.