Pom police numbers questioned

He said being the capital there are major crimes whilst the population continues to increase due to migration into the city.

He said this when asked Nuku MP, Joe Sungi, asked why there was a high concentration of police in Port Moresby with most policing built in the city.

He also asked if the Police hierarchy had a structure and manpower ceiling in place and the budget to back it.

Minister Wong said Port Moresby being the capital and APEC 2018 host would obviously need significant police presence to cater for the growing population, mainly through migration.

Pom to have 'no water’

This warning comes from main water supplier Eda Ranu.

Eda Ranu has been forced to do so after its Mt Eriama water treatment plant began experiencing high level of turbidity as of 6am today.

Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid.  And according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, is caused by particles suspended or dissolved in water that scatter light making the water appear cloudy or murky.

Parkop: PMV issues to be worked on

The Governor said that he and the NCDC management are adamant to draw up amicable solutions to offer cheap, affordable and uninterrupted public transport system.

“In the last 10 years I have been giving excuses and shifting the responsibility of public transport entirely to the Department of Transport.

“I have to work with the Minister and the Department and if we can get the powers to NCDC, we will do that” Parkop said.

He added they will work with the PMV owners and operators to deliver a better service, a service that is reliable and efficient.

NCD education MOA on the agenda this 2018

This MOA will be to decentralize elementary, primary and secondary school responsibilities to the district however results haven’t been forthcoming.

Parkop says they are hopeful to achieve the MOA this year for the benefit of the school aged population of NCD.

NCD and Education Department signed a Memorandum of Understanding 2 years ago to transfer management powers for elementary, primary and secondary schools to the city authority, NCDC.

 “It’s been too long since we signed the MOU and are waiting for MOA and I hope it will happen soon”

Pom residents commended

In a report, paramedics responded to numerous alcohol fueled incidents of violence, including people with stab wounds.

The peak period was between 12: 30am and 2am this morning.

Over 26 ambulance officers, paramedics and emergency nurses were on duty last night operating seven ambulance vehicles and a clinic.

According to St John Ambulance, Chief Officer, Matthew Cannon, despite some isolated incidents of violence, the large majority of people welcomed in the New Year sensibly.

2018 anticipated to be good for NCD

This concept will be applied to close the disparity that has existed in the city for the last 4 decades.

The NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the city’s way forward is outlined in 4 clearly articulated goals;

•             Improve peace and security in the city

•             Modernize Motu Koita Villages

•             Upgrade settlements to proper suburbs

•             And improve the conditions of existing suburbs

Betel nut control laws not lifted: Parkop

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop explained that whilst the buai ban has been lifted in terms of bringing betel nut into the city, however laws that are part of the betel nut control laws have not been lifted.

“This is something the general public within the city has to be clear about.”

Parkop spelt out that some of the betel nut control laws like no trading in public places and certain areas of the city.

VIDEO: State Leases given to NCDC

The State Leases were for Public Space and Road Reserves for NCD.


Annette Kora with more 


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NCD identified as TB Hotspot

TB has been high in the country, particularly in densely populated areas.

The National Capital District has been identified as the most important and visible “TB Hotspot”.

It carries the highest TB burden, four times higher than the national average notification rate.

According to Businesses4Health:TB, an NGO pushing to reduce TB statistics, NCD is vulnerable given high population mobility, poor basic TB control and crowded settlements.

It records high rate of drug susceptible (DS) TB, drug resistant (DR) TB and issues around TB-HIV co-infection.

VIDEO: Calls to cater for vendors

This was stated by the NCDC market planning and contracts supervisor Rex Kuman.


Imelda Wavik with more