NCD Provincial Health Authority

Everyday People: Killian Rai Kau

For over four years, I worked at the Badili Urban Clinic before moving to NCD Provincial Health Authority, where I recently achieved one of many goals in my health career. 

I was promoted to a managerial position, where I look after the immunization program for the National Capital District.

In a nutshell, my job entails that I look after all the vaccines that I order and have them distributed all throughout the clinics in the National Capital District.

K25m Funding For Metoreia Health Centre

The Metoreia Health Centre will be built at the cost of K25 million with funds donated by the Government of Australia.

Motu-Koita Chairman and Deputy Governor for NCD, Dadi Toka Jr was moved by the enhancement of a dream for the elevation of his people’s health care through the financial support of the Australian Government.

Parkop Appreciates Partnership

He expressed satisfaction of what partnerships can do at the signing of partners’ MoU during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Metoreia Health Centre on Wednesday 7th December, 2021, which will serve the Motu-Koitabu people.

They will now be able to have their own health centre, Metoreia Health Centre at the Hanuabada village in Port Moresby.

Governor Parkop said the National Capital District Commission, under his leadership cannot deliver services on our own. It needs partnerships.

Residents Encouraged To Take Vaccine

In a recent press conference, NCD Governor, Powes Parkop said the Commission and major stakeholders in the city are weighing out options for a possible lockdown.        

He said they would assess the infection rate of COVID-19 and the transmission rate over the next two to three days for a possible outcome.

“At this time we want to focus on strategy that can work to stop the transmission and reduce the infection.

“If we look at lockdown, we tried it before during the first and second wave, we’ve spent a lot of time, energy and resources.

Tuna Bay School of Nursing – a public-private

The first batch of students studying towards their Advance Diploma have now completed most of their theory and practical but are still awaiting hospital work experience in order to add onto their course requirements before they can graduate.

The school has expressed desperation for approvals from the Port Moresby General Hospital and NCD Provincial Health Authority, for its Final Year nursing students, to utilize their hospitals and clinics, to complete their clinical Hospital placements, to meet curriculum requirements.