NCD Polling venues

​NCD polling booths to open at 8am

This was reiterated by the Electoral Commissioner and NCD metropolitan superintendent at the officials and security forces meet at the Rita Flynn complex this morning in Port Moresby.

Turi said for most polling venues, unlike in the past election polling period, most officials will now have to be at the camping site a day prior to the polling. This is to avoid inconveniences for the ballot papers to be brought straight to the polling venues.

Centralised polling for NCD

“This will be done for the first time in this election so that voters can easily find their place to vote,” Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said.

He said the new approach in conducting elections is voter friendly. 

“Additional benefits to centralized polling places are more concentrated security forces, more efficient delivery and retrieval of electoral materials, and more effective appointment of temporary election workers to local polling places,” Gamato said.

265, 000 voters in NCD

According to Electoral Commission, Moresby North-East Open has 105,000 voters, Moresby North-West 90,000 and Moresby South 70,000.

The total number of voters will also vote for the NCD Regional seat.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said, there will be approximately 370 polling booths in 170 polling venues in the city.

The key multiple-booth polling places within the three NCD Open electorates are as follows:

Moresby North-East

                BOROKO SUBURB: Apex Park (4 booths) and Lahara Park (2 booths)