NCD Metropolitan Superintendent

​No cash handouts to police at roadblocks

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, says all police officers are paid for their jobs and it is against their conduct to accept, let alone ask for, any money from the public at roadblocks.

He also states, police roadblocks are not a new thing to residents in the nation’s capital, therefore people shouldn’t act surprised when approaching one.

“All vehicles will be searched for criminals or weapons or if the driver and his passengers are under the influence of alcohol,” Turi states.

NCD, Central to launch election operations

The operations will be launched by NCD/ Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, says apart from the one or two major incidents the previous weekend in the nation’s capital, the election operations in the city have been running smoothly so far.

Turi says with less than two weeks before the city goes to the polls, the operations will continue into the declaration of seats and after.

Turi fires warning to candidates’ supporters

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, stressed that the general public must make their complaints at the nearest station that there are supporters campaigning at the wrong time of the day or night so police can assist.

New Bomana police homes vandalised

Most of the houses have had their doors broken into, windows smashed, wirings to the metre boxes removed, kitchen and laundry sinks removed as well as the toilet pots.

“Some houses also have graffiti all over the walls and power sockets damaged,” NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Benjamin Turi, told Loop PNG.

He believes this is a wasted investment which will only cost more to repair the damages.

Turi had spoken to the contractors about the holdup of the relocation but was told they were still awaiting Government response on their payments.

Tasion Barracks Opening Delayed

The opening of this barracks was set for today, however has been delayed to next Monday.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Benjamin Turi said the deferral was because of some minor issues where his men were falsely accused of breaking into some of those houses to occupy them.

“Some officers called up the police headquarters telling them that some of my officers had broken into these homes and this is not true,” says Turi.

Turi said because of this false information, neither the Police Commissioner nor the NCD Governor turned up to the location for the opening today.

NCD Police boss Turi, warn intending candidates

Police will be monitoring the election period with a boost in manpower to make sure that candidates including city residents abide by the law.

A list of guidelines has been put together for candidates who will be contesting the elections to avoid any nuisance or intolerable behaviour.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi says police will discourage early campaigning, campaigning in residential areas at odd hours and bribery in the form of cash or kind will not be tolerated.

Suspects in custody over K1.2 million airport robbery

According to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi, five suspects have been apprehended; two are dead while three are still at large.

The second suspect was found dead along the Laloki River on New Years’ day.

It is alleged he had gone missing on the Wednesday (The week leading up to New Year) and found days later in the river by a local reservist.

Turi says an officer has also been arrested and the matter is already in court for hearing.

He adds that investigations will continue and police are on the lookout to apprehend all the suspects.