NCD Metropolitan Superintendent

Cold cases still with homicide

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said it is safe to say that homicide is investigating the cases but it involves time and effort.

“All other investigations are continuing, like that of the alleged police shooting of a young boy at the Erima flyover.”

This also includes the other cases that police have been investigating, like that of the late former Border Development Authority chairman, Fred Konga, the late Post-Courier journalist, Rosalyn Albaniel-Evara, and many others.

20 reported crimes in 1 week: Police

This was confirmed in a brief with NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, early this week.

A compiled report stated that over the last 7 days, ending on the 31st of December, two cases of armed robbery were filed with no arrests made.

For armed hold up and stolen motor vehicles, six cases were reported, break and enter and stealing had only one case filed, six cases filed for sexual crimes, one case of fraud filed, attempted murder had one case filed, two cases of stealing filed and one case filed for wilful damage.

Relatives of murder victim demand compensation

The peace mediation went rowdy after relatives of the deceased women, said to have been murdered by a police officer, became disgruntled over compensation payments from the offender’s side of the family.

Initially an agreement was reached where the funeral costs would be met by the deceased’s family whilst the offender’s family was tasked to pay K300, 000 as compensation by December.

According to the deceased’s family, to this date, the offender’s family have not held up their end of the deal.

Major homicide investigations ongoing

However, major cases that are currently being looked at will not be discussed openly as yet.

This is because any information that is speculated or disclosed by homicide police will not be accepted in court in future as evidence.

According to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, it is safe to say that homicide is investigating the case but it requires time and effort.

“We need to be meticulous about the cases,” says the NCD police boss.

Independent investigators needed on arson case

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says the case is currently being handled by the criminal investigation department. However, detectives handling it are the same ones involved with the NCD returning officer case concerning the K184,300 cash.

Turi revealed that police had also received a tipoff that the monies held for evidence in a safe in the building were set to be distributed by parties; this sudden arson case now looks very suspicious.

Police need working vehicles!

This ongoing issue is one major setback faced in the Police hierarchy, says NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi.

Turi said many of the vehicles have been used for years without servicing, while some police stations experience a shortage of vehicles.

“A police vehicle is one of the most important aspects in policing; it is an obvious asset that will enable police personnel to move around freely,” says the commander. 

At times, complaints go unattended or criminals easily escape because of the absence or the condition of vehicles.

Mt Hagen-Pangia clash contained

This was revealed by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, around 2pm today.

 A crew from this newsroom was present at Gerehu when the fight escalated just outside the block one area of Tete settlement.

Turi said this incident had occurred after a drunken brawl. He dubbed it as a trivial matter which should not have spiraled out of control.

However, the situation has now been contained and both parties have been urged to lay down their weapons for their sake and for the sake of residents in the neighbourhood.

Quit interfering with police business: Turi

This comes after demands were raised by immediate relatives and family of the former Border Development Authority CEO, Fred Konga, to fast track investigations into his murder.

The relatives claim that there has not been any development into the murder of the late Konga, as a month has now passed.

They presented a 14-day notice last week and will be issuing a written petition to the Prime Minister, the Commissioner and the Police Minister if no favourable response is received.

‘Hacked’ candidates saga: Police officers warned

This was the warning from NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, following the alleged hacking of candidates’ Facebook message logs. Screenshots of the purportedly hacked chat logs were uploaded on Facebook on Sunday.

Private messages that allegedly belonged to NCD regional candidates Andy Bawa, Robert Agen and Noel Anjo Kolao, surfaced on social media, sparking heated discussions on their validity. Another regional candidate, Steven Kilage, was also named, including an assistant police commissioner.

​Perpetrators in doctor’s assault identified

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, said: “The men have been identified to be from Waigani Police Station and they will be dealt with under the rule of law.”

He adds that his sergeant is currently working on the case and they are yet to release details of the number of men involved.

This response comes after the National Doctors Association held a press conference yesterday, giving the Royal PNG Constabulary 48 hours to find the perpetrators.