NCD Governor Powes Parkop

‘Sanap Wantaim’ and end violence, urges Parkop

He said removing the culture of violence is critical to the social, economic, political and all aspect of development in PNG.

“We start from Port Moresby and change our culture nationwide,” Governor Parkop said.

He made this comment after the launching of the campaign, Sanap Wantaim (stand together), last week.

The campaign’s objective is for men and women to see each other as partners in making Port Moresby a safe city to live in.

Parkop said violence is an impediment to the development and personal wellbeing of individuals.

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Daniel Kapi arrested for conspiracy

An elderly man from Enga province appeared at the Waigani Committal Court today over allegations he conspired with others to sign a court document for a case before the National Court.

Digicel kicks off October with treats for customers nationwide

PNG Power urged to help develop NCD

Parkop was referring mainly to the newly constructed road from Badihagwa to Nine-Mile that are without street lights.

I have taken note of what has been mentioned and do confirm that this particular road development has had no lights yet.

It is a requirement for any town authority or development partners that before construction is made on roads or buildings that will require power supply, they must always involve PPL from the planning phase right through to construction and commissioning.

Parkop: Polye must stop issuing petty complaints

Parkop was responding to Polye's comments on the eviction of a 94-year-old Fuzzy Wuzzy angel in the nation’s capital.

Polye claimed that Parkop must step in and help the old man if he is serious about his “Walk for Life” as this is true the walk for life act.

He further claimed that a real walk for life is where there’s help when a family’s life is under threat and venerable out on the street and not a politically motivated campaign using public office and funds.

City’s new cleanup campaign launched

The campaign is an initiative of the Sustainable Coastlines PNG (SCPNG) in partnership with the National Capital District Commission.

The campaign runs from October 17 to November 13 and was officially launched by NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

This will involve nine high profile public awareness events at locations around NCDC, a major public awareness campaign and clean-up events for registered groups throughout the four week period.

Police to help NCDC police betelnut ban

Paul Kombo, head of NCDC Betelnut Enforcement Unit revealed yesterday.

He added that since the decision to ban the selling and chewing of the nut in the city it had been a huge challenge for his men.

“It is very hard to enforce the law, “Kombo said.

“We will try our best despite the hardship.

“Police to come on board I few weeks’ time as discussion are progressing.”    

Meanwhile, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said “NCDC is looking at amending the NCDC Betelnut Control Law (2013) to make it relevant.

City residents to celebrate Independence Day with festivities

The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) have organised activities including a street festival, live concert, canoe race, community festival at  Nine-Mile and cultural activities at Jack Pidik Park.

The three days street and dance festival from September 15-17 will be held for the first time in PNG at the Paga Hill ring road comprising of music, arts and crafts while the canoe race will take place at Ela Beach.