NCD Education Expo

Police: Expo A Great Initiative

Director for Human Resource with the Royal PNG Constabulary Chief Superintendent Samson Sigiyaru, said during the recent year 12 education expo, that they are looking into recruiting year 12 students.

Chief Supt Sigiyaru said the expo is a great initiative to inform young school leavers, of the opportunities in joining the police force, for those who may be interested.

Having to participate in the schools expo second time around, the Royal PNG Constabulary, plans to start reaching out to schools for future recruitment of Grade 12 school leavers.

Information Is Power

The expo was a success with 26 exhibitors from various higher education’s institutions in the country, met and exchanged information with the students.

The theme of this year’s expo, “Information is Power”, attracted more than 3000 Grade 12 students form 24 various educational institutions from within NCD and Central.

The students gathered at the Port Moresby National High School to seek information about furthering their tertiary education.