NCD candidates

NCD Candidates alleged foul play by police

Just as media were leaving the Electoral Commissioner’s media conference on Monday several candidates and their supporters walked in to present their petition.

The petition was read out by NCD Regional Candidate, Andy Bawa, who alleged that the incident in which police chased out scrutineers and electoral officers from the Rita Flynn Sports Complex  was a ploy to illegally move in three ballot boxes.

He further alleges that NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi is behind the alleged ploy in favor of certain candidates.

NCD candidates happy

The candidates who presented a second petition today left the EC Headquarters after Gamato had responded positively to several concerns they raised in their petition.

At 3pm this afternoon, candidates led by NCD Regional contenders Noel Anjo, Jami Maxtone Graham, Andy Bawa, and Moresby North-East nominee John Kaupa, fronted up to the EC office demanding their petition demands be met by 4:06 pm.

Despite the hour deadline, several candidates took their turns grilling Gamato over what they viewed was an unorganized and administratively flawed election.

NCD candidates want Gamato to step down

The call is part of a nine-point petition presented to Gamato at 4 pm today just as a scheduled daily media conference was winding up.

Pangu NCD Candidate Noel Anjo, read the petition, on behalf of nine others to Gamato in front of the media before presenting it to him.

The petition states that: