National Weather service

Nationwide strike looming

The National Weather Service officers are giving the Transport Department until close of business on Thursday, April 5th, to address this issue.

In the petition presented by workers of National Weather Service to the Secretary of Transport Department, Roy Mumu, on Friday March 16th, they demanded their salary discrepancies be addressed by pay 7 on Wednesday March 28th.

Following the petition, the Weather Service workers served a 21-day notice for Transport Department to respond.

Wet season reaches peak: Weather service

The National Weather Service predicts that parts of the country will experience heavier rainfalls with threats of flooding and very strong winds.

Assistant director of Forecasting and Warning Centre at the National Weather Service, Jimmy Gomoga, says the current weather forecast shows normal wet weather conditions throughout the country, with much of the rain experienced in the Highlands Region.

He says the rainy season should wind down in April/May and we should reach normal dry period in June.

Weather Service workers strike adamant

Despite directions from the weather office management to withhold their proposed strike until further notice, the PNG National Weather Service Working Committee is adamant to stop work depending on the outcome of the meeting with Labour department tomorrow.

The PNG National Weather Service working Committee says their grievances date back to 9 years.

To date, workers from the weather service are some of the lowest paid public servants in the country.

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Foreign nationals hype Torokina’s gold rush

Foreign nationals have now been attracted to the latest gold rush down in Torokina South Bougainville after hearing it from friends on the ground.

New weather system will improve PNG’s aviation industry

Satellite to give accurate forecast weather

The new upgraded system was launched by the National Weather Service (NWS) today in Port Moresby.

It is a powerful tool for tracking analysis of high quality accurate weather forecast in PNG.

Weather forecasters will be able to receive data faster in 10 minutes intervals unlike in the past when the old system provided data hourly.

The system was funded by World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and receives its data via the Himawari 8 Satellite which is owned by Japan and used by countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

Weather office to address climate impact

They’re working closely to discuss the potential risks through the different economic sectors including agriculture, fisheries and infrastructure and look at a way forward in terms of planning and risks management.

NSW is working with the University of PNG and Department of National Planning and Monitoring with the Office of Climate Change to come on board soon.

This is part of a Global Framework Climate Services (GFCS) in which PNG has been made a focus country to implement the framework.

NCD faces high risk of water shortage

The monsoon period starts this month until April with below average rainfall expected over the south coast of the country due to the El Nino induced weather, which will affect the Sirinumu Dam at Sogeri.

City residents run a high risk of running out of water come the period after the monsoon which is from May to July.

National Weather Service (NWS) director Samuel Maiha says we are into the monsoon period when rainfall starts to increase a bit and is also expected to increase the volume in the reservoir.

Tropical disturbance may affect NMI

The tropical disturbance is centered to the east of Guam and Rota and is now the subject of a tropical cyclone formation alert by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. 

The system is expected to move toward the northwest over the next few days. As this disturbance moves through the Marianas, periods of heavy showers, occasional thunderstorms and wind gusts of 25 to 35 mph are possible. 

Tropical storm conditions are not expected at this time, but this could change if the system slows down.

Thousands without power as Phoenix recovers from big storm

The area's two major utilities reported that 50,000 customers still had no electricity Tuesday morning — down from 70,000 immediately after Monday evening's storm.

The severe weather began moving through the area around sundown and swept across central Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe with lightning, winds of up to 65 mph and up to 1.3 inches of rain, according to the National Weather Service.

Weather office: Light showers to clear up

PNG Loop was informed the light rains bring experienced is due to the low pressure or trough in the lower Papua region.

This trough is moving to the east and Port Moresby should expect good weather come Monday.

The light rain is expected to move down to Abau and Milne Bay before it clears out.

Meanwhile weather prediction for week two of the games should be fine says the National Weather office.