National Trade Policy

Policies should not be detrimental to PNG: Steven

The Attorney General said his ministry will ensure that this does not happen and this will be through working coherently with other State ministries and institutions.

Steven highlighted the National Trade Policy which was launched early this month.

He said he has put together a team to look through the Policy so the Ministry can take actions that are necessary on their part to begin work on it.

Workshop to validate final Trade Policy

The final document is a result of wider stakeholder consultation with European Union assistance under their Trade Related Assistance program-Phase 2 (EU TRA 2) by providing expertise.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Commerce and Industry had a local drafting team supported by local consultants put together this document.

The aim of the workshop was to allow stakeholders to go through the policy to give their inputs and see if there are any issues that need validating to allow the policy to fine tune.