National Tourism Minister Tobias Kulang

Kulang welcomes new NCC Board

The Board will be chaired by Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and comprises of eight members from a range of fields in the government and corporate sector.

Kulang believes the newly-appointed members are bringing with them a depth of experience, knowledge and discipline.

The combination of experience and leadership will assist in ensuring that NCC rises up from where it is currently plagued with all sorts of challenges.

PNG's tourism ministry partners with pageant

TAC Minister Tobias Kulang attended the crowning of the Miss Pacific Islands PNG on Saturday to enforce this statement.

In his keynote address, he said he was starting a process that will go a long way to ensure formal government support to the pageant, empowering young women.

Minister Kulang noted that the young woman representing PNG as a cultural ambassador falls within the ministry’s responsibilities.

However, he said for a long time, the ministry did not recognise that to partner with the pageant.

Tourism expo attracts 28 international agents

The agents will participate at the expo today (Sept 26) where they’ll be given the opportunity to visit the booths to see what the local tourism operators have to offer.

The agents will have a one-on-one with all the local operators. This is an opportunity for them (locals) to promote their tourism business.

The 28 agents are from PNG’s tourism source markets in the United States, Australia, China, Japan, United Kingdom and Europe.

Hagohohe MP in AROB sees tourism potential

This message is from the Member for Hagogohe Constituency in the Autonomous Bougainville Government Robert Hamal Sawa.

Speaking to Loop PNG in Buka the member said tourism has the potential of drawing in millions into the region apart from mining and cash crops.

“As a three term member of parliament, I have realised tourism has a real potential for development and for income generation,” Sawa said.