National Research Institute (NRI)

NRI highlights issues in road construction

The report focuses on employment issues in construction and maintenance of non-national roads in five different provinces - Madang, Eastern Highlands, Gulf, Milne Bay and New Ireland.

The paper discusses the employment opportunities road construction provides to rural Papua New Guineans, especially from communities close to the project sites.

The report stated that the quality of formal training is generally poor and as a result, few Papua New Guineans have formal qualifications in the field.

NRI conducts research on referendum

Vice-President Raymond Masono welcomed the research team to Bougainville on Friday (Nov 10) and thanked the Speaker for taking a proactive approach to informing Members of Parliament.

“Bougainville needs to be strategic and learn about how other societies have gone about these democratic exercises,” Masono said.

“Right now Bougainville Members are busy preparing their constituencies – we want them to disseminate factual and neutral information about the referendum to help people make an informed decision.”

44 political parties is a problem: Dr Yala

“It’s a democracy so anybody can put out their views but at the end of the day, if you read through some of the political parties’ policies, they all seem to say the same thing, and I tend to wonder what is the real reason for having 44 political parties,” NRI director Dr Charles Yala said.

Papua New Guinea has 44 political parties registered with Political Parties and Candidates Commission to contest in the 2017 National Elections, for the 111 Parliament seats.    

APEC Study Centre conference scheduled for May 2018

The ASC Consortium Conference is an annual conference hosted by ACS’s in the APEC Host Economy for that year.

PNG who will be hosting the 2018 APEC Summit will thus be hosting next years ASC Consortium Conference.

The annual conference provides an opportunity for academics and scholars from around the region to discuss their research and identify areas for collaboration.

ASCs are independent from APEC and their functions and funding arrangements are not uniform. This independence and flexibility ensures the integrity of the ASC process.

NRI report focuses on SME obstacles

According to a National Research Institute (NRI) report, this is among three main obstacles affecting SME’s growth and performance.

The other two include the difficulty leasing or buying land, and difficulties dealing with banks, are the main

The report titled ‘How do perceived obstacles to operation and expansion relate to subjective measures of enterprise performance? Evidence from a survey of SMEs in Papua New Guinea’ and released today identifies the obstacles.

Housing sector unable to meet requirements: NRI

This is according to a recently published Issues Paper by the National Research Institute (NRI).

The report reveals that housing prices are generally high and many people may find it difficult to meet the requirements to access the First Home Owners Scheme (FHOS), especially the initial 10 percent housing loan amount as well as the 4 percent interest rate on the loan.

Furthermore, there are few economic incentives to attract private developers to provide affordable housing and a shortage of secure land for development, which increases housing costs.