National Procurement Commission (NPC)

NPC board undergo induction

The induction, which was a first-of-its-kind for the NPC, was conducted to ensure the new board members are aware of the entire Government procurement systems and processes.

NPC Chief Executive Officer, Simon Bole, said: “This is very important as it will guide the board members in their decision-making during board meetings.

NPC stresses on healthy workforce

The CEO said this following a full medical checkup for all NPC staff conducted by MP Pathology Laboratory at the NPC Head Office in Port Moresby commencing Tuesday 1st December, 2020.

“In every organisation and institution, the most important asset you have is your staff.

“They are the ones who will be doing the job to move the organisation forward and you will have to take very good care of your staff,” Bole said.

NPC ready to facilitate procurement act review

Chief Executive Officer, Simon Bole, made this statement during a stakeholder consultation workshop in Port Moresby.

According to legal advice from the State Solicitor’s Office, the review of the National Procurement Act 2018 (NPA) is a policy matter for the Finance Department to take charge and oversee the review, including the subsequent amendment.

Lae establishes procurement committee

NPC Chief Executive Officer, Simon Bole, challenged the committee members to ensure transparent and accountable procurement is done for the people of Lae City, Morobe and the country.

“Being a member of the Lae City Authority Procurement Committee, you represent NPC at the Lae City Authority to make decision on projects and contracts that value up to a threshold limit of K2.5 million,” Bole stated.

“The NPC board has delegated its powers to you to go ahead and make decisions on contracts that will deliver services and bring change to the lives of our people in Lae City.

SHP procurement committee sworn in

The Committee, chaired by Provincial Administrator Joseph Cajetan, was sworn in at the NPC head office in Port Moresby on Monday 5th October.

NPC Chief Executive Officer, Simon Bole, commend the Southern Highlands Provincial Government for their commitment to have the Committee successfully established.

“The NPC Board is dedicating its powers under the operation of the National Procurement Act 2018 to the districts and provinces through the district and provincial procurement committees because bulk of the procurement activities takes place there,” Bole said.

Western Province Procurement Committee Sworn In


Magistrate Walo Sakatao who presided over the swearing-in ceremony, reminded the Western Province Procurement Committee that it is a serious matter when making an oath upon the bible as it is the source of from which all laws emanate.

“The task you have now is a task that’s very important. You have been picked, chosen for your profession and your trustworthiness. When you swear, that is a promise that you will service the office that you will serve with diligence, trustworthiness, and loyalty,” Sakatao said.

Milne Bay establishes procurement committee

Their swearing-in ceremony was held today (21st September).

Their swearing in was also followed by Samarai-Murua District Procurement Committee’s as the second district in the Southern Region after the North Fly District.

Chief executive officer of the National Procurement Commission (NPC), Simon Bole, said the procurement process is the first step towards service delivery and provinces and districts must make it their immediate priority to get the committee fully established.

Okapa establishes procurement committee

The committee members were successfully commissioned by the National Procurement Commission in a swearing-in ceremony on Monday 07th September.

The ceremony, held at the Eastern Highlands Provincial headquarters in Goroka, was officiated by NPC chief executive officer Simon Bole and NPC board secretary, Babaga Naime.

When commending the Committee members, Bole challenged them to be transparent in undertaking their duties and ensure compliance to the National Procurement Act (NPA).

National Procurement Commission fully operational

Chief Executive Officer, Simon Bole, who was earlier engaged by the then CSTB as a special project advisor and consultant overseeing the Government’s procurement reform from 2015 to 2018, was confirmed CEO by the Government this year after acting in the position since 2019.

Bole said the Commission is now the only agency responsible for all public procurement activities in the country, and provinces and districts that have yet to establish their Provincial and District Procurement Committees must make it their immediate priority to facilitate their establishment.

NPC calls for 'Certificate of Inexpediency' in face of COVID-19

The National Procurement Commission (NPC) announced this after the National Executive Council (NEC) approved a “Health Emergency” for COVID-19 preparedness.

Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Simon Bole, said Cabinet has directed the NPC to assist agencies to issue COI for procurement of priority items relating to the COVID-19 preparedness and responses as per Section 69 of the National Procurement Act 2018.

Bole said the COI is a shortcut to the normal open tender process,” for ONLY EMERGENCY projects when there is an emergency declared.