National Identification Project

EC to source NID data after it matures

Speaking at the Southern Region Consultation Workshop on the Civil & Identity Registration Act Review, Gamato said currently the office does not have all data the EC might need to prepare for the elections.

Gamato said this following discussions on the need for information sharing between organisations to ensure better coordination and planning, especially in elections to deter double and ghost voting.

Minister: Sack staff charging fees

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, says he has heard that citizens have been charged to be issued their NID cards; this practice has to stop.

Maru bluntly informed the acting registrar of the PNG Civil and Identity Registry, Tumbo Kumung, to weed out the practice of charging fees.

“At the moment I’m hearing that staff are charging people all kinds of fees. The ID cards are free.

“So Mr Kumung, one of the things you’ve got to make sure doesn’t happen anymore is people being charged for getting cards.

Full NID review planned

National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Richard Maru, revealed this when announcing the appointment of Tumbo Kumung as the acting registrar general of the Civil and Identity Registry.

Maru said a detailed report with findings and recommendations will be presented to Government to chart a way forward in progressing the NID project as well as ridding the registry of malpractice.