National Health Department

Containerized health units


Red Sea Housing Services, a locally registered company was engaged to build these 10 container units.

 In an effort to reach the provinces that are vulnerable to COVID-19 pandemic, the PNG government again collaborated with the Australian government to provide 10 container clinics units to the provinces. 

The containers were constructed by Red Sea Housing Services in Port Moresby at their premises at Baruni, NCD and will be shipped to designated provinces soon.

Food poisoning victims await authorities

At least 18 reported cases, and a couple more, were said to have suffered food poisoning after catching a foodborne illness circulating at the restaurant over the Mother’s Day weekend.

But the restaurant believes this incident is unrelated to food preparation standards.

Still, officials were alerted on Wednesday, May 17. 

A full team of officers from NCDC Health, National Health department and World Health Organisation jointly inspected the hotel on Monday, May 22.

NCDC Health did a health and sanitation inspection on the same day.

Workshop set for Cervical Cancer Vaccination NCD pilot project

The project was launched on March 10, by the National Department of Health Secretary, Pascoe Kase in partnership with the National Department of Education and the Rotary Club of Boroko.

As a follow up to the launch, PNG Cancer Foundation will be hosting a workshop on the cervical cancer vaccination and the NCD Pilot Project at the end of this week on Friday, March 17, at the Health Services, Standard Branch.