National Forest Service (NFS)

Forestry College Receives K200,000

The full tuition fee is K8430.00 per student this year.

Chief Operating Officer of the National Forest Service (NFS) Magdalene Maihua who delivered the cheque to TFTC said, “The presentation of this token of assistance from PNGFA today is a very special occasion because I believe it is the start of something great yet to come.

“It is a show of what PNGFA would do in the near future for its commitment towards enhancing training and development through the three main institutions that train foresters and technical forestry students.”

NFS Officers Sign Contract

They are Chief Operating Officer (COO), Magdalene Maihua, Director Field Operations Lyall Umbo, Director Resource Planning and Development, Dambis Kaip and Director Corporate Services, Cornelius Kabagat.

Three other senior officers who will sign their contracts are Constin Bigol – Director Reforestation and Afforestation, Goodwill Amos – Director for Forest Research Institute in Lae, Morobe Province and Verolyne Daugil as the Corporate Economist.