National Department of Health

Temu: Get back to basics

Temu gave the direction when he held an all-staff meeting at NDoH Headquarters. 

He later had an incoming briefing with the Executive Managers of the various divisions, the two Deputy Secretaries, and Health Secretary Pascoe Kase.

A key point raised was the need to return to primary health care.

“There is a need to re-build what has been lost over the last decade.”

He urged the NDOH staff to put themselves in the shoes of a Papua New Guinean seeking basic health care and develop plans and policies from this perspective.

Kase: Anti-venoms are paid for by the state

The statement by the Secretary of Health, Pascoe Kase comes after recent media reports concerning proposals to charge high fees for snakebite treatments.

Hospital fees are set under the Hospital Charges Regulations and no hospital has the power to set fee.

Hospitals can only recommend fee to the Minister for Health who then seeks approval through the National Executive Council.

Kase said once approved, hospitals must implement the approved scheduled fees.

PNG Disable Board receives grant from NDOH

This grant as per the board’s revised budget, will go to assisting services provided for the 15 percent population of Papua New Guinea living with disabilities.

And one key area is Community based rehabilitation, according to Interim Chairman, Ben Theodore.

Theodore noted three main issues - assistive device, psycho-social community and the curriculum being more inclusive in order to address disability equally across the board.

Child Immunisation Week launched in Boera

Papua New Guinea has less than 75 per cent of immunisation coverage, while these two districts and a few others have even lower rates with the Hiri and Kairuku scoring only 44 per cent.

Having a low immunisation coverage rate means a high percentage of children are not protected against preventable diseases such as measles, pneumonia, Tuberculosis, whooping cough, hepatitis B, diphtheria and meningitis.

Rotarian program distributes about nine million mosquito nets

Out of the nine million, eight million has gone directly to households, while the other one million goes to pregnant women, schools and prison.

The RAM has been in the country since 2009, assisting the National Department of Health in combating malaria.

Workshop to assess latest in HPV vaccine

Launched on March 10 by the National Department of Health in partnership with the Department of Education and the Rotary Club of Boroko, the first workshop took place earlier this month.

The first workshop was hosted by the PNG Cancer Foundation on Friday, March 17 with the aim to assist with answers to questions that may arise from the public about the cervical cancer vaccine.

National coordinator HPV vaccination program, Dr Edward Waramin encouraged girls to get immunized as cervical cancer is the only cancer that can be prevented through a vaccine.

NCD cervical cancer vaccination program to be launched this month

The pilot program will be officially launched by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and will be rolled out in schools in NCD.

The program is introduced to PNG by NDoH in partnership with Rotary Club of Boroko, Department of Education, WHO, UNICEF, Cancer Foundation PNG, and other partners.

A total of 56 000 doses of vaccine, funded by the Rotary Club, have arrived in the country, enough to vaccinate 26 000 girls.

All girls aged 9-14 years attending grade 3-6 at all public and private schools in NCD will be offered two doses of the vaccine free of charge.

OSF partners with NDOH and Gulf Christian services for TB training

Twenty-one nurses and community health workers were recently certified as TB health workers, following a week-long training in the Kikori district.

The Directly Observed Treatment (DOT) training was facilitated by the National Department of Health (NDoH) with logistical support funded by the Oil Search Foundation and Gulf Christian Health Services.

Proposed health strike deferred

The strike was planned to be effective as of 4.06pm on Friday, December 9, for the duration of three weeks. However, it was called off due to the arbitration tribunal in progress.

PNGHSWA general secretary Jack Suao confirms that they have started negotiations with the Department of Personnel Management and the National Department of Health.

The strike was planned against DPM for the prolonged delay on the log of claims, including their housing allowance, pay increase, leave entitlements and other industrial matters. 

Health workers association calls on Kali to resign

PNGHSWA has 3,000 members who have planned a nationwide strike on Friday, December 9 for the duration of three weeks.

PNGHSWA General Secretary Jack Suao said they had given DPM ample time of three weeks to respond to their grievances however to date, DMP has not shown a positive response.

Suao explained that the call for his resignation is to pave way for a better individual to step in and address the prolonged delay on their log of claims.

These include their housing allowance, pay increase, leave entitlements and other industrial matters.